7 Struggles That All People Who Wear Glasses Will Understand

By Amal Ranjith

Only someone wearing a spectacle will actually understand the pain in doing so,for 12 years and counting.

1.Getting Ball Handed

Getting Ball Handed1

Every sport you play is a threat to your glasses;be it basketball,cricket,football( oh the number of times!) or any other sport.That moment where your glasses are flying through the air into oblivion, the search following it during which the opponents score another 10 goals..

2.Morning Search Ritual

Morning Search Ritual

This happens especially the morning after a thrashing night where you partied a little too hard and now not being able to find your glasses is making your life a living hell.

3.Shattered lens and frames

Shattered lens and frames

After a couple of years of wearing them you usually know how to take care of it without actually giving a damn about it.When it breaks it usually involves a second person who is responsible for the breaking,but now he or she has probably said about a thousand sorries and ‘forgive thy buddies”, said Jesus,so left with no choice but to change your glasses you head to the optician who is about to rip you off.

4.”Oh! You are so blind!”

Oh! You are so blind!

Well,thanks to myopia my eyesight hasn’t gotten any better since the day I started wearing glasses,which I know but don’t think about at all.but there’ll be always someone who’d take your glasses off, wear them on and be like”woaah! Bro soo blind!” . Sorry I didn’t know you were expecting to see 6th dimensional beings or sub atomic particles when you wore them,please accept my apology.

5.Blind Beach Days

Blind Beach Days

I lived for a few years close by a beautiful beach where my friends and I used to have spot picnics or sometimes just an evening dip.So everytime I did go i’d had to take my glasses off,go for a swim, and next second you know i’m really far away from where I started and that meant I just signed up for a quest to find m my friends amongst a billion people sun bathing,playing,barbequing and being not blind.
6.Dark circles myth

Dark circles myth1


Let me put this out right,wearing glasses for no matter how much time ever you won’t get dark circles,maybe a dark spot on your nose bridge if it’s a heavy frame but otherwise nothing.So don’t stop dark circles from getting your fancy spectacles! I kid,eat carrots and stay away from glasses my friends.
7.Never able to wear those cool looking shades.

Never able to wear those cool looking shades.

This is probably the most disappointing one off all.You see all those cool,retro,modern, ultra modern shades you wanna pull off but can’t cuz you’re stuck with power glasses for life.Contact lenses are an option if you really can’t stand the temptation and wanna get your hands on one of those wayfarers

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