Subramanyam Is Sold Safely

With Gabbar Singh, director Harish Shankar reached the highest peaks. His USPs were punch dialogues and wacky screenplay (apart from Pawan Kalyan, of course!).

Looks like to sell his next product, he has decided to play it very safe. Subramanyam for Sale is the story of a guy who does anything for money – Yeah! me, you and even Dil Raju heard this story many times. The only additional quality this character has is a lot of influence of Pawan Kalyan and Chiru on him, which could be obvious.

When you are doing a movie with Dil Raju, you have to get the economics of the scripts right, if you don’t it will be a Ramayya Vasthavayya. Harish seemed that he watched his mistakes closely and tried his best not to repeat his mistakes. Raju as a producer has always excelled. All his movies have great production values and this one is no exception.

Safe/Sale Points:

1. Obviously the script, a safe pick by Harish Shankar

2. Regina. Yes, Regina! Having already worked in a movie together, Dil Raju didn’t seem like he wanted to take any risk with Harish Shanker and gave him an already hit pair to Sai Dharma Teja. He utilised them and churned out maximum from their chemistry.

3. Chiru! Yes, seeing Sai dancing to those moves and mannerisms remind you of Chiru, whom we have been missing on screen for quite some time. So obviously you would enjoy when some one resembles him and does things like him.

Subramanyam for Sale is a safe bet, and this ‘safety’ could either make or break the film. Ardent fans of the Mega family might flock to the theaters for some nostalgia, but if you’re looking for an utterly fresh script, you’ll have to find yourself a different salesman.

The film also raises the question: How long is director Harish Shankar going to bank on PK, his family, and his fans? It is high time he experiments with his scripts, or else he’ll remain one of the players in a big pond.

Ganesh Chaturthi and Bakrid are coming up. There is enough leisure time I hope. If not, stick and do your work. If yes, then try giving a shot by watching this one. Cinema antene timepass ra bai – Indhulo unnadhe adhi.  Jara trial eyii..

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