Suez Canal Blockage Explained: An Average of 70,000 Crores Loss Per Day To Global Trade

Suez Canal Blockage – Taiwan nundi start aina Evergreen ane Cargo ship ‘Suez Canal’ sea route lo madhya block aindi. Ee ship valla global ga jarige exports and imports agipovadam…and daily approximate ga 70,000 crores loss vastundi anta.

Assala ee canal ekkada undi…blockage ela jarigindi? anedi oo sari chusthe…

1. Last couple of days nundi news lo ‘Suez Canal Blockage’ ane news chala vintunnam deeni vala global trade meedha influence padtundani…antunnaru ?

1.Suez Canal Blockage Explained2. Assalu ee Suez Canal enti? Block Avvadam enti? Block avvadam valla global trade ela loss? anedi teluskundham padandi.

2.Suez Canal Blockage Explained3. Suez Canal is man-made and Artificial Waterway constructed between Mediterranean Sea & Red Sea.

3.Suez Canal Blockage Explained4. 200 Kms unde ee canal Africa and Asia ni divide cheyadame kakunda Europe and Gulf countries madhya 10,000 Kms route ni easy chestundi..

4.Suez Canal Blockage Explained5. Andhuke ee canal meedha nundi daily large cargo ships travel chestu untayi. Almost 100 Countries madhya jarige imports and exports ki idi main sea route.

5.Suez Canal Blockage Explained6. Alantidi March roju ee route lo Taiwan Shipping Company ‘Ever Given’ nundi start aina ‘Evergreen’ 400 Meters long cargo ship which is carrying 200,000-tonne vessels ‘Suez Canal’ madhyalo route ni block chesthu agipoindi.

6.Suez Canal Blockage Explained7. Suez Canal lo March 23rd roju agipoina ee ship valla daily almost 9.6 Million Dollars ante mana currency lo 70,000 crores loss.

7.Suez Canal Blockage Explained8. Suez Canal lo blockage entha delay aithe Global Trade lo antha losses increase avthune untayi. Already ee blockage valla 150 cargo ships and vessels Suez Canal ki both sides lo agi poyayi.

8.Suez Canal Blockage Explained9. Netherlands Dredging company okkati already blockage ni clear cheyadaniki try chestundi. Cargo Ship ni Tug boats use chesi ship ni proper way lo pettadaniki try chestunnaru.

9.Suez Canal Blockage Explained

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