Summer Essentials you have to add to your closet


Summer is here, mana closet lo ee summer ni kick start cheyadaniki here are 5 main things which everyone should have.Manam summer lo veskune outfits cool and breezy ga either work or weekend ekadiki elina it should be comfortable enough.Comfort is very important, especially summers lo manam chala irritated ga untamu, dehydration irritation are just part of summers.
Flowy tops and Tees :closetGirls should have, Flowy tops and loose Tees comfort and look rendu isthayi, meeru skin-tight tops ni skip cheyali because that will only anyhow lead to irritation.
Say yes to white color :closetWhite heat ni absorb cheyadhu unlike black which absorbs heat and manaki inka vedi aythadi, white looks nice and cool.
Textured Sandals and Sneakers :closetThe texture is very important, footwear matter lo kuda texture ni chuskovali. lightweight sneakers and lite wear flats konukondi.
skirts and plazos : closetDenims ni avoid cheyandi, Loose skirts and plazos comfortable, loose and also in trend
Scarf and Hairbands :5 - sandalsSummer’s are basically holiday season, sunscreen raskuna face ni scarf tho cover cheskokunda undakandi, also hair leave cheskunte oil form aytadi hair lo because of which hair fall aytadi. Hair ni tie cheskunte manchidi.