Everything You Need To Know About This Summer Fruit Ice Apple Or Taati Munjalu!

Summers are here and in India, summers are all about the seasonal fruits and vegetables. One of these seasonal foods includes Ice Apples. A translucent coloured jelly textured fruit that is loved by everyone especially in South India. It has a cooling effect on the body and hence the name Ice Apple. It is known as Taati Munjalu in Telugu, Taati Nungu in Kannada and Nungu in Tamil.
Known to be loaded with several minerals and vitamins, this fruit is just not delicious but also has several health benefits. Here are 5 health benefits of Taati Munjalu!

1.Weight loss.

1 Benefits Of Taati MunjaluOne of the prominent advantages of this seasonal fruits is that, it promotes weight loss. As the fruit contains mostly water, it has very few calories. It keeps you full for a long time and eating excess, won’t add extra calories too. Include it in your diet and you can see the effects yourselves.

2.Cures Liver Diseases

2 Benefits Of Taati MunjaluMunjalu are known to be loaded with several minerals. They have high deposits of Potassium. This helps in cleansing the toxins of your body and keeps your liver healthy.

3.Digestive Health

3 Benefits Of Taati MunjaluMunjalu is a natural remedy to get rid of any digestion problems. It relieves constipation and promotes bowel movements. It is loaded with strong antioxidants which help to cure ulcers inside the stomach. It also cures stomach ache and nausea.


4 Benefits Of Taati MunjaluIt is necessary we keep our bodies hydrated and especially during summers. Dehydration could lead to several health problems and even failing of organs in some severe cases. Since, Munjalu are mostly water, they keep your bodies hydrated. They regulate the body temperature, quench the thirst and provide energy to the body.

5.Good for Pregnant Women

5 Benefits Of Taati MunjaluPregnancy is a very sensitive time for women. Their bodies go through extreme changes. And, during this period, they have to be very careful with their food and food habits. And, more than often, pregnant women face digestion problems or nausea. So, they are advised to eat Munjalu which will ease their digestion problems.

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