9 Things That Show Super Star Krishna Was A Pioneer In Making The Cinema We Watch Today!!


Super Star Krishna was the first star to break into the scene giving NTR and ANR a tough time back in those time. Krishna ruled for over decades in the 70s and 80s. Though he is supposed to have a rough shoulder with NTR, he maintained his cool and churned out some path breaking movies in Telugu. He is known to have introduced many firsts to the industry. His 100th film Alluri Seeetharamraju was such a tremendous hit that in the next few films of Krishna were not received well as people were reluctant to watch him in softer roles after his portrayal of the powerful role of Alluri Seethaa Rama Raju.

We can go on writing pages of this Legend. But for now, lets halt for a while and take a look at his contribution to the Telugu film industry.

Super Star Krishna Introduced Cowboy and James Bond style of cinema to Telugu 

Introduced Cowboy and James Bond

Super Star in Pairing up too!


Super Star in Dual And Triple Action. Record!


And there goes his credit for the ‘Firsts’ in Telugu cinema



first Eastman color film - Eenadu

First Cinemascope Film - Alluri Seetharamraju

The First DTS Film - Telugu Veera Levara

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