Stop Everything That You Are Doing And Watch These SuperBowl Trailers Right Now ..!!

Siddharth Naidu

As because the Hollywood saves the best for SuperBowl, we bring to you all the TV Spots/Trailers/Teasers that were released yesterday, so that you don’t have to go scouting for them. Some serve as a furtherance to already released and appreciated trailers of highly anticipated movies, while some have arrived fresh into our excitement.

Jason Bourne
To those who remember the high octane chases, and those shaky camera works leading upto thrilling pulsating screen moments of the trilogy ( excepting of course the damp squib that Bourne Legacy ), this is candy land. Jason bourne is back ( neck chill !). And the best part is that he remembers everything. Can’t wait..!!!

Independence Day : Resurgence
Back in the 90’s, a trailer released showing a rather ominous looking spacecraft hovering over the White House. That in itself paved the way for huge box office numbers, and a cult fan following, begging to be seen by every Sci-Fi enthusiast. After almost 2 decades, we have the trailer for the sequel, Resurgence, and the situation looks pretty damn awesome. Oh yeah..Bring it on..!!

Kung Fu Panda 3
First it was Tai Laung. Next it was Shen. Now, we have no idea who got the cuddly Dragon Warrior frowning about. Whatever or whoever it is, We know that Dreamworks will leave no stone unturned to make it bigger, crazier, funnier and all the more exciting than the previous two. Oh! Did I mention, Po, is merchandising here..!!

The Jungle Book
The remake of an old time Kipling’s classic, The Jungle Book. With Iron Man director, Jon Favreu calling the shots, we’re definitely in for quite the visual experience as Mowgli departs on a journey of “self-discovery” and is guided out of the jungle by a hotheaded panther and a laid back bear. And what’s more the trailer introduces some new faces as well…

X-Men Apocalypse
The mutant comic book based thriller is about the new X-Men crew ( picking up right after the events of Days of the Future Past ) battling against a centuries old mutant, who “rises from hibernation” to destroy the city. (Now if that’s not a movie worth promoting during America’s biggest sporting event, then we don’t know what is.)

If there’s one superhero in town who’s here to save the day, it’s Deadpool. Played by Hollywood hunk Ryan Reynolds, the comic book hero managed to secure himself a spot on advertising’s biggest stage. The movie marks the first of Fox’s two ad spots and was created to give the movie that “last push” before it hits theaters just five days after the game..Check it out..!!

Captain America Civil War
And because no super event worth it’s salt can end without, Marvel dropping something for it’s craving fandom, here comes Super Bowl TV spot of the epic battle between the greatest Avengers of MCU. And of-course we see new moves, new fights, and hyper cool stunt work. Go ahead and see for yourselves !!

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