Superstar Krishna Tried To Remake ANR’s Cult Classic Devadasu But Failed Miserably, Here’s Why


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Devadasu anagane manaki ventane takkuna ANR & Savithri garu kalla mundhu kanapadataru. Ippatiki devadasu ane peru vinapaduthune undi, aa movie create chesina legacy alantidi mari. Inthathi cult movie ni yevaraina remake cheyyagalara? Chesaru already, adi yevaro kadu daring & dashing hero Superstar Krishna. Shock ayyara? Nijame just check this 👇

1) Having starred in films like mosagallaku mogadu, gudachari 116,ave kallu… Krishna’s career was progressing well.

1 Devadasu2) It was the year 1974 Alluri sitharamaraju released and became a sensation in united Ap

2 Devadasu3) However, there was an imminent danger of he getting caught up in the ACTION HERO image trap

3 Devadasu4) Conscious of this, Krishna deliberately starred in several soft movies like Manushulu, Mattibommalu, Radhamma Pelli, Gouri, Deergasumangali etc.

4 Devadasu5) But unfortunately all those films were flops at Box-office

5 Devadasu6) Desperate to change his image he decided to remake Classic film DEVADASU in the same year

6 Devadasu7) Since it was a huge and risky project, Krishna did not want to burden outside producers and decided to produce it on his home banner.

7 Devadasu8) During the same time, Vijayanirmala, who tasted success as a director with her maiden venture (Meena, 1973), wanted her 100th movie (as an actress) to be something significant. She found this idea equally challenging. And Vijay Nirmala decided to direct the remake of devadasu starring Krishna.

8 Devadasu9) Krishna gave his best in title role, direction, music and dialogues were too good.

9 Devadasu10) Film features ensemble cast with rich production values.

10 Devadasu11) But audience rejected it flat because of their strong association with the ANR’s version.

11 Devadasu12) ANR was unhappy with krishna decision to remake devadasu.

12 Devadasu13) ANR re-released his movie all over the state with brand new prints around the same time. The newer generation audience also flocked to theaters, where it was screened, to know why it is revered as a classic.

13 Devadasu14) While the newer version was getting terminated from theaters in its first four to five weeks of run, the older version completed its 100 days run in some centers.

14 Devadasu