Swachh Bharat Meets Gandhigiri In Hyderabad!!


By Shahamat Hussain

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Swachh Bharat was launched by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 2nd October 2014. It was launched with the mission on Gandhi’s 150th birthday anniversary. This mission aims at Mahatma Gandhi’s vision of clean and hygienic India.

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By inviting people to this Abhiyan it has become a national Movement. It is being supported by people pan India and getting admired widely. The mantra of this Movement is Na gandagi karenge, Na gandagi karne denge (we should neither litter or let anyone else do the same)” .

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The message of swachh Bharat is being spread through advertisement in theatres, television, print media and Radio and getting a positive response from the public. Recently, the traffic Police of Hyderabad did a very Gandhian way of disapproval by feliciting the people with Garland who pee on the road. This unique act by the police has made people amused and aware to use the public

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Property in the right etiquette in the city. Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan, Kailash Kher, Priyanka Chopra  Sachin Tendulkar, Sania Mirza, Saina Nehwal and Mary Kom have been the lively participant of this movement.