Swagitri’s Littering Lessons : This Video Shows How Many Of Us Actually Bother About Littering? Sad!!



We learnt in school that ‘cleanliness is next to godliness’. It was not because they wanted to make us God fearing, but it was considered that the cleaner your surroundings are the healthier each and everyone of us will be. One habit that the whole nation is fighting is littering on the roads. That is probably one reason our roads look so dirty. This time Swagitri took the step to experiment and see how many of us actually bother if one litters on the road.

And the results might disturb you. You needn’t go and pick up the dirt by yourself, but as a citizen with equal rights if you can get the people aware that they shouldn’t be littering on the road, that would be more than enough. Let’s see how many of us just watch the video and leave it and how many of us actually follow it in our daily lives.