The Responsibility Of Every Girl’s Independence Lies In The Society : Swecha – A Telugu Short Film


What is freedom or independence?

We know that once Mahatma Gandhi said, ‘the day a woman can walk freely on the roads at night, that day we can say that India has achieved Independence’ and yet we struggle to see a day like that.

Though not every day we come across situations that bring out the worst for a girl, when we hear it on a news channel or read it in the newspaper, it really disturbs us. The stereotypical answer from elders to political leaders is to keep a watch on the appearance of a girl. How sad is that?

Parents these days take utmost care in giving independence to their children. They believe that their children should have their space but ultimately the responsibility lies on the society to give the needed confidence to a girl. That society includes YOU and ME.

Anupama Reddy & Srikanth Vandanapu have come with a short film in Telugu, Swecha, which questions you exactly on how aware you are socially and how far you mind your behaviour in the society. Written and directed by Raj Sivasadhani, the film has managed to pull decent attraction on the social media.

There is a reason we talked about this film here. Please put yourself in a girl’s situation and think twice before you act in a manner every time.

An inspiring one it is indeed! Watch it here!


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