Synaptics announced an in-screen biometric fingerprint sensor for top 5 Smartphone OEM’s.


Synaptics is a San-Jose based Biometric sensor manufacturer and developer, recently it claimed that in-screen or in-display fingerprint sensor for top 5 smartphone OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturer)fingerprintMajorly Synaptics is not let to go fingerprint sensors off because recently we have already witnessed the Apple iPhone X officially released without a fingerprint sensor and has announced there will be no more Apple phones with fingerprint sensor and another phone from Oneplus launched recently with fingerprint but it has an ultra speed face ID which is faster than iPhone X.

Consumers likes fingerprint sensor should on front side but the Smartphone manufacturers are mounting it rear side to make their displays bezel-less, All these situations are recorded and Synaptics brought this in-screen biometric where it is already in mass production and the top 5 Smartphone OEM’s are already testing with Synaptics biometrics.

Synaptics didn’t revealed the names of those companies but we can say for damn sure one will be Samsung as they are about to launch its Galaxy series S9 a pure bezel next year with in-screen fingerprint sensor.fingerprint

Synaptics answered few Questions to press that AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption is coming with more security in this technology and the chipset maker Qualcomm also announced this year at MWC ( Mobile World Congress ) Shanghai that they are about make chips by supporting latest technologies and Synaptics in-screen Biometric is already installed in latest Snapdragons 845 SoC ( System on a Chipset ).

Apart from Samsung Edge-To-Edge OLED displays future flagship devices might with the same technology and there will no end to fingerprint and the company claims that the in-screen fingerprint works with dry, wet and cold fingers too and after unlocking the device the fingerprint sensor on screen will go off and it will never appear again on screen till the screen wents to sleep mode and it will 3 times fater than the lastet iPhone X 3D facial ID recognition system.fingerprint

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