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Appatlo antey talent unna prove cheskovadaniki oka platform antu em undedi kaadu cinema or theatre thappa.Appatlo ee talents konthamandi drushti ki matrame vellevi. Kaani ippudu aa situation maarindi. Technology chaala improve ayindi. Inka ee social networking sites vachaka ayithey cheppalsina avasaram ledu.Okariki oka talent untey adi chaala mandiki telsuthundi.YouTube lo oka video or short film pedthuntey konchem time lone chaala mandi chusesthunnaru. Ala famous ayyina konthamandi:

Mahathalli-Jahnavi Dasetty:
Widely known by the name Mahathalli, Jahnavi Dasetty is from Kurnool and graduated from NIFT. Graduation chesthunnapude thanu short films lo act chesedi. So thanu appude realise ayyindi that she want to be an entertainer regardless of medium. So thanu Mahathalli-Mahanubhavudu ane comedy webseries lo act chesindi. So ee webseries success tho ade peru tho Mahathalli ani ippudu widely popular ayina series start ayyindi which is a mixture of reality and fiction, laced in comic exterior. Ee series ki unna popularity valla cinema heroes kuda vaalla cinema promotions ki medium ga vaduthunnaru. Her YouTUbe channel have a huge following of 380K followers.
YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFnLGH9BGpJLJMMlRMr-f5Q1 - Mahatali

Girl Formula:
Girl Formula is basically a gang of girls talking everything and anything about girls. Act chesedi ammayile and antha ammayila gurinche. Already successful ayina ChaiBisket lo oka part ee Girl Formula. Friends tho discussions, Amma tho sarada kaburlu, Nanna tho thitlu, Anna la tho godavalu, Break Ups gurinchi, College bunks gurinchi ila enno vishyala gurinchi ee videos lo charcha avthundi. Sri Vidya-Dialogue writer and also actor in these series. Vishrutha Nare, Anupama Srinivas, Nikhitha, Divya, Bhavishya ila chaala mandi ee Girl Formula videos lo kanipistharu.
YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfrNV2iJ9LnHcOsdyhYyYew2 - Girl Formula

Viva Harsha:
Viva, is a South Indian short film with highest of 11M views. Harsha Chemudu Viva short film tho popular ayyi ade peru ni thana peru mundu permanent ga petteskunnadu. Ee short film tho chala popular ayyi chaala Telugu movies lo act chesadu and Harsha.Cinemallo chesthunnaa inka YouTube lo videos tho inka manalni entertain chesthunnadu Harsha.Ippatiki Viva team tho The Damintion Theory, Drink and Drive, The Exams, The results, The corrections, The Tourist Guide, Whats Next, Modi? ila chaala videos chesthunnadu. Cinemaalu, Videos tho paatu Harsha Hosting, Movie Promotional Videos inka chaala TV shows lo kanipisthunnadu.
Want to watch his Videos on YouTube? Link: https://www.youtube.com/user/sabarishSFC3 - Viva Harsha

Darshini Sekhar and Manoj Krishna Tanneru:
Widely popular with their web series “Geeta Subramanyam”, Darshini and manoj became overnight stars.The webseries based on a couple who are in a live-in relationship is an instant click due to its story line which is very relatable. Darshini Sekhar who is new to this field is an architect and Manoj had acted in many short films earlier. Darshini Sekhar also received SIIMA Best actress award in short films category.4 - Geetha Subhramanyam

Anudeep Dev and Lipsika:
Lipsika and Anudeep both are Playback singers. Chaala telugu cinemallo veelliddaru paatalu paadaru. Ippudi veeliddaru kalisi A Cappella covers chesthunnaru and ee videos youtube lo unnayi. A Cappella is a group or individual singing without musical accompaniment. These covers shows that how talented these both are. Oka 3 to 4 songs ki chesaru ila inka songs kosam waiting. Alage anudeep ive kakunda chaala songs ki cover songs paadadu avi kuda thana channel lo unnayi.
YouTube channel Link of cover: https://youtu.be/w3sRCCl7UUU.You can visit his channel for more.5 - Lip Sika

Capricio band:
Appatlo konni videos vacchayi chaala minimal instruments tho chaala baage padevallu gurthunda! A group of 4 to 5 people only two instruments tho A.R Rehman medleys, telugu lo old songs ila paadaru. So vallalo oka 4 members valla studies ayyaka oka band la form ayyaru ade Capricio. Eknath Kiran, Ganesh Krovvidi, Sai Teja, Shravan Pakalapati ee band members. Veellu ippudu “Encore” ane musical unplugged show chesthunnaru which will be featured in YouTube through Chitraastra channel. Ide kakunda veellu chaala performnaces, music covers and videos kuda chesaru.
To get more details: https://www.facebook.com/capriciotheband/
EnCore videos: https://youtu.be/7O5mKFGzYWw6 - Capricio band

Shwetaa Naidu:
Dance is the form of an expression. We can express unknown and unexplained emotions through dance. Danne follow avthuu Swetha release ayye cinemala nundi hit songs ki thana style lo dance chesi Dance covers chesthundi.The energy with which she dances is amazing.Shwetha is software employee by profession and she is also a good singer.Thanu chese dance covers lo thana tho paatu chaala mandi kanipistharu. Manam cinemallo chusi entha enjoy chesthamo oka song ni Shwetha chese covers kuda anthey enjoyment isthayi.
YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPg-s6NHb- PxVyw6Y0I9a0Q7 - Swetha Naidu

Let’s encourage these extremely talented people!

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