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Talkative people ki namasthe!


Aagu…meeru matladakandi. We have a lot of people around us who blabber a lot and yes that seems like fun and also not so fun at times. But for the talkative buddies out there, I know there is a lot we have to tell about our souls.

1. Any school.. any college..any bench..any friend! Nen ready to talk to. Ila chesi we are the most punished people in our classes.1talkative2. How much we talk ante.. asalu matter enti marchipothamu and we end up talking about spaceships!3. Best friend pakkana unte, “Talk and Talk till u die!”4. ” Actually I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have said that.” Ilanti mistakes keep happening ya. We talk so much that we forget that we shouldn’t tell certain things to certain people. Understand na!5. Feels like a nervous breakdown coming shortly..silent ga unte!6. Party or lunch break or at home.. food daggara we finish the last because apudu andari vellipothe mana maatalu vinaniki no one is there.

7. No one should ever point us out for talking too much because you are not losing energy by just listening so please remain calm.8. We tend to answer a 2 marks summarising a situation to anyone like a 100 marks textbook. Clarity undali kada mari…9. We talk entha ante we keep forgetting is we have shared it with you already. So please let us know before we tell u entirely if you have already heard it from me. Aa time gap lo inka emaina cheptham kada!10. For everyone who calls this a disorder, keep your intelligence to yourself. We are talented people. You can’t talk as much, of course! Yayyyyy…

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