These Five Tamil Heroes Need Decent Bollywood Innings

Over the years, Tamil heroes have cast magic on the Hindi crowd. Leaving aside all the stupid mockery of ‘Madrasi’, South heroes have gathered their own share of fans across the country. Typical examples would be Kamal Haasan, Rajinikanth, Mammootty and Megastar Chiranjeevi. The crowd up north may not know the rest of the civilization here, but they will know the names above. Now, thanks to the satellite dubbed films, even the latest heartthrobs are making themselves known to the Delhi Wale. (Read Meri Jung and Insaaf Ki Something kinds).

There are some big league heroes in Tamil who need a step up. Yes, these heroes need to have their good share of Bollywood innings. They may or may not say Laal Pori like Thalaivar did, but they have the looks and that incredible Hindi style charisma.


Ajith copy

Born to a Sindhi mom, Ajith has inherited that flawless milky white complexion and lanky personality. He has been ‘surprisingly’ accepted and revered in the south, considering the color factor. Ajith is reckoned for his versatile acting prowess. The fact that such a seasoned star did not still shift the base to Bollywood gives out an intriguing feeler. He could have easily made it. Some even contemplate over actor’s own personal industry choices. Truth be told, this Billa is a total material for Hindi.


Vikram copy

Chiyaan has already made his presence felt up north, with his striking multiple personality role in Anniyan. The film was dubbed into Hindi and fetched great applause. Not only that, some sections of north crowd is well aware of Vikram’s screen presence with films like Raavan. Now, why is this eccentric and driven actor not shifting the location, given the fact that Tamil market looks slow for him? Only the Aparichit knows.


Suriya copy

He is called Surya, mostly, or Suri from RGV’s Rakta Charithra. One section of the crowd from Mumbai also appreciates his Tamil Ghajini better than that of Aamir’s. This big ticket actor and star of Kollywood is blissfully happy where he is. But Suriya should definitely think about taking things seriously with the B Town. Show’em, tiger.


Arya copy

He has those cross cultural looks. Arya looks very universal, if the flattery is not going too overboard. Great looks that speak of international appeal and promising talent. Arya is definitely someone who fits the bill with the Bollywood type category. Throw in a dude like hairstyle and outfits, Arya is set to lip sync Hindi and break some hearts along the line.

Vikram Prabhu

Vikram Prabhu copy

Vikram has that ‘Farhan Akhtar’ like appeal. Anyone who watches this guy perform closely can vouch for his easy adaptation to Bollywood plot and proceedings. Vikram flaunts the new age urban look that will easily go down the throats of North audience. He needs to give it a shot, once he is ready to make the switch.

These five heroes above have all that it takes to settle comfortably with prolonged Bollywood innings. How and where the transgressions happen, and if they would at all, only time will tell.


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