Students from Tamil Nadu Designs Low Cost Toilet Urinals Using Waste Plastic Bottles


“School” which gives us a knowledge path to travel for our desired destination. Government schools are the one who believes by the middle-class people to reach out that destination. But today’s schools are failed providing the facilities like lack of educational and other primary needs. Sometimes the students are so innovative to satisfy their needs and made best out of waste. Exactly Tamilnadu school students did this to their needof hygiene problem & Stood an inspiration for all people out there. Come let’s check out their inspiring story.


Kurumbapatti, a village in Tamil Nadu having a school named Panchayat Union Middle School, which is a boy’s school. These school doesn’t consist of minimum facilities like washrooms, even also for the faculties. Understand how the school department is taking care of the students. Due to this hygiene problem Fever, nausea, and stomach aches were causing student absences, and the pervasive smell of ammonia filled the classrooms. Theseboys would have to urinate on the floor, causing their sandals and feet to be sprinkled by drops of urine and they find it is stench that emanated from their school toilet is unbearable. So, the students are decided to build a toilet by the water cans which turns as waste after using so many times.

13-year-old students named Supikpandian, Santhosh, Dhiyanithi, Ragul, and Prabaharanfrom Panchayat Union Middle government school in Trichy district of Tamil Nadudesigned low-cost toilet urinals using 20-liter waste plastic bottles.As the cost of installing urinals was high, the boys came up with this imaginative solution. They termed this invention of theirs as the ‘Safe Mode Pissing System’ or SMPS.

toilet urinals placed in wash area

First boys met a seller of plastic water containers who gave them 20 such containers for free on hearing what they planned to do with these. The seller was much attracted &congratulating the students on their idea, the seller handed over used, damaged, and leaking water bottles free-of-cost.Using funds collected from the students and teachers, the students purchased other necessary pipes and parts. First, they re-painted the walls of the toilet in a brighter green, and then they set up the drainage system in such a way that urine could easily exit through pipes connected to the necks of the bottles.

Then the very next drainage system of the school toilets had to be synced with these modified urinals, created by cutting the water containers vertically. Pipes were stuck to the bottom of the containers and these were linked directly to the drainage pipes in the toilets so that the discharge flowed directly into the drains. The containers were painted white and nailed to the toilet wall.


Low-cost, lightweight, and durable system invention costs only Rs 600 to be a scalable solution, easily implementable in places that have poor infrastructure. They have gone from school to school, creating awareness about problems that come with unsanitary toilets, and demonstrating how to implement the urinals. About the potential impact of their project.  The team even conducting practical demonstrations in other schools and Community Centers to encourage people to consider setting up these installations.

The five teens even beat 3,600 entries to win the “Boldest Idea” award at Design for Change’s “I CAN Awards” in 2016. the students were given medals and a Rs 50,000 cash prize. The boys have since traveled with their design to various schools in Tamil Nadu, creating awareness about hygiene and sanitation, and demonstrating how to build their innovative urinals. All the best to the innovators out there… and Good luck to these Five boys…

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