Tech skills that will get you salary hike in 2018


Technology keeps updating from time to time, hence it is important for professionals associated with this branch to constantly keep themselves updated with tech skills. Here are a few tech skills that’ll fetch you a salary hike in 2018.

1.Robotics:tech skills Topping the list is Robotics. Studies claim that the average hike for robotic professionals will be around 17% in the year 2018.
2.UI/UX:tech skills Bagging the number 2 place, these IT professionals can expect a hike of 16.5% this year. In the year 2017 as well, they witnessed a hike of 17%.
3.Analyticstech skillsThe year 2018 will bring about a hike of 16% for Analytic professionals. They experienced a hike of 15% and 15.5% in the preceding two years.
4.Big Data:tech skills Big Data professionals can expect a hike of 15% according to Zinnov Research.
The percentage is higher than the last two years, 2017-14% and 2016-15%.
5.Mobile Technologies:5 - Mobile Last but not the least on the list is mobile technologies. As per the study, the average hike will be 13.5% for professionals with these or similar skills.