Few Instances That Prove Even Our Phones Play A Prank On Us

Contributed By Bhawana Sharma

Wouldn’t it really be great if we can reach from Osmania University to Chandigarh in five minutes? Not just great, but it would be called a wonder, super power, miracle and what not? Well, this was what Uber has promised one fits loyal customers recently.

Technical glitches

So here is the story. A student from Osmania University was trying to travel from the University to Industrial Area, Uppal. But it went on to choose some location in Chandigarh. It was showing him that the cab would arrive in five minutes and when he tried to see how long it would take for him to travel there, even then it showed him just five minutes.

Prabhakar Chouti is the one who got the chance to use this facility of Uber and here is what he says, “When I proceeded further, it was still showing me a very less price and that the destination is quite nearby to reach. Later, it said there’s a technical error.”

He further added that many have been arguing with him that the five minutes time was showing was for the cab waiting time or estimation time for cab to reach. But he clearly mentions that it happened with him in every step of booking.

Technical glitches

Well, this is definitely a technical glitch, but isn’t it something similar that happened with Swiggy? Food delivery at Bangalore and pick up at Rajasthan?

We don’t take the side of any as technical issues are not in our hands.

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