8 Exclusive Features Every Android User Must Know In The New Android 10.0 OS

May 7th date is locked by Google as they’re going to announce features of updated Android 10. Technical ga Android version 10 eh aina diniki Android “Q” ane inko name unnatu pracharam jargutundi. Only name eh kadu konni exclusive featurwes kuda online lo hulchul chestunayi.

Kotthaga rabothunna ee Android 10 ‘OS’ lo aa unique and exclusive features ento once chuseyandi my dear Android users.

1. We can switch to older version if we are not satisfied with updated versions

WhatsApp new feature for Android users

Recent ga Android users Whatsapp update chesthe chala varaku technical issues face chesaru. Kani ippudu Android Q valla aa issue undadu anta because new version nacchaka pothe older version ki return avochu. Okavela auto update aiyyina kuda problem undadu anamata.

2. Full Stop to screen light issues with inbuilt solution in OS.

WhatsApp new feature for Android users

General ga manam use chesthunna smartphone lo screen lighting valla some eye related issues face chesthunnam, where as ippudu vacche ee updated OS lo dark screen ane option introduce chestundi so that manam mobile ni 24/7 night mode lo petkoni use cheyochu.

3. Mobile to PC easy switching using data cable.

WhatsApp new feature for Android users

Mobile tho almost anni activities chesethunnam kani games and mobile lo unna options ni desktop view lo access cheyadam avvadam ledu. Anduke ee kottha version lo just cable connect chesi desktop mode ani switch chesthe anni PC lone cheskovachu anta

4. No more third party apps for fonts and icon styles !

WhatsApp new feature for Android users

Mobile lo different font style and icon styles kavalante third party apps install chelasindhe. Kani ippudu kotthaga vacche ‘OS’ lo round, rectangle, square icon shapes tho font styles ni marche options untayi anta.

5. Inbuilt 360 degrees face reading to unlock your mobile.

WhatsApp new feature for Android users

Kotthaga vacche 10.0 version lo inbuilt 360 degrees face reading screen lock untadi. So mobile is more safe and secured.

6. 10.0 supports 5G data work.

WhatsApp new feature for Android users

Already mana country 4G internet services use cheyadam lo second place lo undi. Ika ee android version ni 5G network vasthe feasible ga undela design chestunaru anta.

7. Inbuilt screen recorder

WhatsApp new feature for Android users

Ee OS lo vacche exciting feature lo idi kuda okati. General ga screen reader options kosam third party apps download chesukovalasi vacchedi. Like iOS lo unnattu screen reader option ippudu Android ‘Q’ version lo built-in screen recorder untadi anta.

8. What ‘Q’ stands for ….?

8-Q stands for

‘Q’ ante enti em pedatharu anedi ippudu common doubt…? Like everytime lage ee sari kuda chocolate or cake name untademo anedi let’s wait and see.

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