Telangana and Andhra Pradesh scores bad in the education survey.


Telangana and Andhra Pradesh scores poor in the education survey. Telangana and Andhra Pradesh stands at second lowest in the country after Bihar and lower than the all India average of 69 percent. The National Sample Survey Data suggests that both the states have a scope of improvement in the near future.

Hyderabad being the information and technology hub the number of students per thousand who can operate a computer in the 14-29 age groups is the lowest in AP and TS compared to all South Indian and some North Indian states. It is 463 per 1000 in AP and 490 in Telangana compared to 810 in Kerala, 588 in Tamil Nadu and 552 in Karnataka.

There is also a major drop out in the schools of both the state. Telangana stands at 67.2 percent whereas Andhra Pradesh stands at 58.9 percent. The major reason behind this massive drop out is poverty and the agriculture background of the student’s families.

The survey report shows students taking admission in the Government institutions which is among the lowest in the country. The report says, the students preferred to study in private institutions over Government institution for better facilities and their approaches to it.
Nevertheless, there were also some parameters in which both the states have performed healthy Andhra Pradesh is among the top five states with 335 out of thousand students having internet connections, with Telengana (185) standing at fourth position. It is also among the top states in the number of students per thousand pursuing technical courses.