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Telangana Govt. Introduces RTA M-Wallet To Make Commuting Easier


The Govt. of Telangana has got smarter with a new initiative. It has introduced an application called RTA M-Wallet. It is a one stop app which will contain all the needed documents for the vehicle owned. Making it easier for commuters, the app will auto-fetch the required documents and stores it at one place in the app for all future reference.

The IT minister K Taraka Rama Rao launched the App at the Secretariat. The M-Wallet app is now available for free and one can register themselves using name and mobile phone which will connect them to the transport department data instantly.

However the app has so far been developed for Android mobile. Here is the link


  • Motorist can show the M-Wallet app on their smart phone during the RTA checking.
  • No need to carry physical documents.
  • Multiple vehicles can be added.
  • License and Registration card can be added to the app.
  • On-line digital certificate fetching. Less chances of fraud.
  • Need internet only for the first time. No need of internet once you fetch the Digital Certificate
  • Fetching Insurance details of last updated year .


  • No support for Pollution certificates. (Presently).
  • App is accepted only in Telangana. Need to carry physical documents If you are planning a travel to other state.

How to use the app?

  • Enter Name,Email and Mobile Number.
  • Click on Register.

Drive safe!!


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