Telugu actors who are as inspiring off screen as they are on screen


‘With great power comes great responsibility’ is an old saying we always hear. Being a celebrity, people are always watching your steps in making you their idol and following you constantly. Be it to inspire or the capability to extend your hand in doing a good deed, you need to have a heart broad enough to venture into humanitarian acts. One of the primary objective of International Men’s Day is – highlighting positive male role models. The broader and ultimate aim of this day is to promote basic humanitarian values.

Many of our stars have constantly been into such humanitarian acts proving that they are not only heroes on screen but off screen as well. Check out the role models who have done their little bit.


No, we are not talking about his Blood Bank, which genuinely did help a lot of people. But, Chiru has come to rescue and been on the humanitarian works right from the 1980’s. When the state was witnessing farmer’s suicide, Chiru aided their families at a movie’s 100 days function. Apart from that, he also aided the heart transplantation of a Pakistani girl during the YSR regime.

MAHESH BABUoff screen

PAWAN KALYANoff screen

An actor who is well known to his fans for participating in social movements came forward during calamities offering his share of help through cheques etc. The best example is given by Pavula Shyamala in the above video, where PK called her close and enquired her account number and immediately transferred a lakh for her medical purposes and she is ever grateful to the Power Star.

Jr. NTRoff screen

Tarak too contributed many times towards calamities the state faced. But, what many of us don’t know has he also aided one his staff’s medical requirement and also supports educational expenses of the kids of his staff.

PRABHASoff screen

Following his peers, Prabhas too went his way out to aid an old age home by donating Rs. 5 lakh. This recent development from his side where a cheque signed by Prabhas himself was doing the rounds on social media.


Nagarjuna, with his wife Amala, is the co-founder of Blue Cross of Hyderabad, a registered society recognized by the Animal Welfare Board of India, which supports the welfare of Animals.

RAM CHARAN7 - Ram Charan

We are sure there are many other inspirational role models around us. Let’s take inspiration from them and be a part of the society helping each other.