Telugu actors who proved their versatility as villains too!


Acting entha kashtam ante bhaiyyaa…what we are not and what we do not face ni baaga involve ayyi andarni involve chese antha acting cheyyali. Villain roles ante inka kashtam iga. Basically real life lo villains kakapoyina, they act in negative shades which is really difficult. Epudu good boy laaga kanpinchi, hero laaga acting chesi, sudden ga bad boy acting cheyyadam inka kashtam emo! But these actors just tore it off!!!!

1. Jagapathi Babu1hero-villanHe started out in the past as a family entertainer and did his movies as a hero. He turned villain for Balakrishna’s ‘Legend’. It was a surprise element for audience to see Jaggu Bhai play in a negative role kani andari were all the more surprised to see him do a fantastic job as a badass villain. His success paved the way for many to pick negative roles.

2. Suman Talwar2hero-villanKnown by a short name, Suman, he is a famous actor in the 80’ s decade. His filmography includes lot of action and family oriented movies. But mana Rajinikanth movie, ‘Shivaji’ lo he played an antagonist and did a great work. After the success of the movie, he received several offers in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi. His recent film as an antagonist was Akshay Kumar’s ‘Gabbar is Back’.

3. Tarak Ratna3hero-villanTarak Ratna has done pretty good number of movies as a protagonist and also tried a lot of variations in his skill and movies to catch the audience, but he could not establish himself as a successful hero. He gave a surprise appearance for the audience as a villain in ‘Amaravati’ and did a marvelous performace. For the same movie, he received a Nandi Award too. Later, he did antagonist role in the recent release ‘Raja Cheyyi Vesthe’.

4. Gopi Chand4hero-villanThis man made a debut as a hero but turns out that it did not work at all. So he came back as a villain in the next movies, ‘Jayam’ and ‘Nijam’ and received a lot of acclaim for his acting. Later he acted in ‘Varsham’ as the main villain which turned out to be a big success. Since then he established himself as a successful protagonist. He proved his mettle to the audience that he can play any kind of role. He says, he doesn’t mind doing negative roles even now. Waiting for one, boss!

5. Rana Daggubati5hero-villanAfter a success in Leader as a hero, he did a couple of movies in telugu which unfortunately did not work much. But his hulky personality helped him grab a role in rajamouli’s ‘Bahubali’ as ‘Bhallaladeva’ and did a brilliant job. His acting skills received praises and applause which were on par with the lead actor, Prabhas. The second part of the movie is due for 2017, which means ee viilain yokka vishwaroopam chudali ante wait cheyyandi.

6. Aryan Rajesh6hero-villanAryan Rajesh is the son of eminent director E.V.V Satyanarayana and the brother of Allari Naresh. Naresh chose comedy as his genre and Aryan Rajesh chose to do serious movies. Even after giving 17 movies, only 1 became a hit. According to the latest info he is making a comeback in the industry but this time as a villain. He is playing an antagonist role in an upcoming movie of Allari Naresh. We will have to wait and see how this will pan out for him.

7. Srikanth7hero-villanSrikanth has received a lot of awards and has achieved a milestone of 100+ movies already. He is a well known family hero but is now picked out to play a negative character in a tamil movie. After a fabulous performance in ‘Operation Duryodana’, we got to see how well he carries out himself in negative shades too. This definitely is a hit flick!

8. Naveen Vadde8hero-villanNaveen has given a handful of successful entertainers though he has a 30 films in his record. He made a comeback with RGV’s ‘Attack’. His character in the movie had negative shades to it. Though the movie did not do well at the box office his performance was praised by critics. We are now waiting to see this man do villainy

9. Rajashekar9hero-villanHe is best known for his Action roles and Family dramas in 80’s and 90’s. He won the Nandi Award for Best Villain in the film ‘Talambralu’ in 1986. He has currently been signed up in multiple films, playing an antagonist role.

10. Sonu Sood10hero-villanBommmaalliiiiiii………This handsome man has done quiet some movies as hero in all linguals. But still gained immense recognition for his movies as villain like ‘Arundati’ and ‘Super’ etc., waiting for more from you, sir!