Telugu Film Industry Is Definitely Incomplete Without Them


The festival of Dussera is all about celebrating the Power of Women (Shakthi). Women have been a very integral part of everyone’s lives in one way or the other. Atleast I don’t want to imagine a living without the wonderful women around. They are soft, loving, tender but, when it comes to hurting their self-respect, they can easily taken you down without leaving a trace. Such is their Power.

Our Telugu film Industry, though had been male dominated has to give due credit to the powerful women who have contributed equally to the art of cinema. Without them the industry definitely wouldn’t have been complete as it is now. Here is a look at those beautiful Goddesses who made their impact felt.

TANGUTURI SURYAKUMARI2-TANGUTURI-SURYAKUMARIShe is the Industry’s first ‘Heroine’. Known for her rendition of Maa Telugu Thalliki, Telugu people’s anthem, she became a film star at the age of 12 and went on to act in around 25 films, of which movies like Devatha and Raithu Bidda made cinematic history.

SAVITRI1 SAVITRIIt is not easy that you call someone ‘Mahanati’. She has acted over 300 films in 3 languages. The 1950s to 1970s which is marked as the Golden generation of Telugu cinema had Savitri’s movies of 12-20 a year, which is phenomenal even now.

JAMUNA2-JAMUNAFamously known as the diva of the industry, Jamuna had acted over 200 films and is known to command as much respect as her male counter-parts. She is known best as
Satyabama opposite to NTR who played Lord Krishna and ruled the industry till the 1970s.

ANJALI DEVI3-ANJALI-DEVIFamously known for her role as Sita in Lava Kusha, she became the first face of powerful women roles back then. She was also the first actress to play from a heroine to a mother and even grandmother acting over 350 films in her career spanning over three decades.

BHANUMATI4-bhanumathiA perfect ruler and a persona of Power, Bhanumati was an inspiration to many actors during her tenure. She was exemplary in essaying any role and ruled the industry with her power backed roles. Apart from acting, directing, writing, singing were her bonus buckets of talent.

JAYAPRADA5-JayaPradaSatyajit Ray, who considered her his muse, called her the most beautiful woman in the world and there was a time when roles were written only for her. Jayaprada became an integral part of Telugu cinema. One of the few actors who made it big in both Telugu and Hindi Cinema, knew how to balance roles between commercial and performance oriented ones like Sagara Sangamam.

JAYASUDHA6-jayasudhaHer spontaneity is her asset. Give any role and she would blend into it so naturally. This even earned her the title ‘Sahaja Nati’. Regarded as a successor to actress Savitri, Jayasudha essayed every possible role, even a prostitute in Premabhishekam, which earned her loads of applauds.

SRIDEVI7-SRIDEVIShe not only had a long lasting career, which is active even now, but celebrated her existence as a Heroine in Telugu Film Industry. Everyone went mad over her and she went on to attain a Superstar status, a rare feat for an Indian actresses to achieve.

VIJAYA NIRMALA8-VIJAYA-NIRMALAKnown for her fearless roles all through the career, she is better known for making her name into Guinness Book of World Records for the female to have directed most number of movies. She directed 47 movies apart from acting in over 200 films.

VIJAYASHANTHI9-vijayashanthiFamously known as the ‘Lady Amitabh’, Vijayashanthi took the roles of heroine to another level. She expanded their prominence by resolving issues all by herself from beating the villains to donning Police uniforms. Contrast to this, she also excelled in glamorous roles and was known to demand a remuneration of Rs 1Cr right then.

SOUNDARYA10-SOUNDARYAIf beauty had a form, it would look like Soundarya. An elite actress who carried charm on to the screen did everything possible with least skin show just when the need of skin show was becoming a priority. She stands next to Savitri in many of the Telugu Film Lover’s Hearts.

RAMYAKRISHNA11-ramyakrishnaMaking her way into the industry before Soundarya, Ramyakrishna has taken the youth of 1990s by storm. From glam doll roles to Goddesses and to negative roles, Ramyakrishna proved her versatility at every juncture as an actress. Even till now she continues to surprise us with roles like Sivagami.

ANUSHKA SHETTY12-ANUSHKA-SHETTYComing as one of those exported heroines, Anushka seemed like any other Bombay actresses during her entry. No doubt she lit up the screen with her presence, but gradually grew as an actress. With the latest Rudramadevi and Bahubali The Conclusion still awaiting, she only looks to cement her self harder and show us that she is a women of Substance.

Have we missed out on any of those Powerful women of Substance, please let us know in the comments section below,