Take A look At These Telugu Films Which Have Multiple story lines

An anthology film is a sub-genre of films consisting of several different short films, often tied together by a single theme, premise, or brief interlocking event. The best thing about these films is they offer a lot of content than any other regular commercial movie and that is the reason they are loved more. Here’s a list of 12 such movies, take a look at these movies which you might end up loving!

1) World Famous Lover (2020)

An amalgamation of four different love stories: Seenayya and Suvarna, a middle-class couple in a small town; Gautham, an uber-cool youngster romancing in the streets of Paris with his girlfriend Iza, Union Leader Srinu head over heels in love with his boss lady, and the first college romance…

2) C/o Kancharapalem (2018)

Four love stories spanning age, religion, and status unfold in a small Indian town, from a schoolboy’s crush to a middle-aged bachelor’s office romance.

3) Awe (2018)

Several disparate characters from different walks of life come together at a unique restaurant. Including a phony chef and an aspiring time traveler, they couldn’t be more different from one another, except for one way in which they’re all the same.

4) Shamantakamani (2017)

Inspector Ranjith Kumar investigates the theft of a Rolls Royce car worth INR 5 crore and suspects a mechanic, a villager and a youngster from a middle-class family.

5) Manamantha (2016)

The lives of Sairam, Gayathri, Abhiram and Mahitha, who are four middle-class individuals, collide as they pursue their individual ambitions amidst various challenges.

6) Chandamama Kathalu (2014)

Saradhi (Kishore) is a struggling author whose daughter is diagnosed with cancer. He needs 5 lakhs for the operation. He wrote a story to sell it for money. Model Lisa (Lakshmi Manchu), software employee (Krishnudu), Raghu (ChitanyaKrishna) loves Renu (Shamili). Raghu (Naga Shourya) who is busy chasing a girl Gauri (Isha) The rest of the story is all about how Saradhi’s problem is solved.

7) Bangaaru Kodi Petta (2014)

Bangaaru Kodipetta is more of a semi anthology film which has three entirely different stories. One story is about Navdeep and Swathi, another one is about two brothers played by Ram – Lakshman and the final one is about an aspiring actor played by Santosh. The director uses gold robbery as the converging point of the film.

8) Prema Ishq Kaadal (2013)

Prema Ishq Kaadal is about three love stories which take place at a café. All three love stories are entirely different from one another and are set up in different backdrops.

9) Swamy Ra Ra (2013)

The entire story of the film revolves around a Ganesh idol and its robbery. This film has three subplots and all of the characters in those plots converge during the climax due to a few interesting twists.

10) Vedam (2010)

Probably one of the finest anthology films ever made. The film has 4 different storylines and the climax of the film is where all these characters converge and that climax will leave you in tears…

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