Telugu heroines in some movies that totally give us a touch of reality!


Telugu lo chaala movies ochayi but anni manaki connect kaavu! Atleast few movies untay where we get connected at some point or another.

1. Niveda Thomas in Gentleman1-gentlemanThis definitely is a stereotype thriller movie. A girl has lost her loved one on an abrupt note and strives real hard to know the truth! She did not give up at any point of time until she knew the reality. Certainly, on the inner side or outer look, most ladies out there are always looking for facts.

2. Anushka Shetty in Arundati2-arundati“Nuvvu nannu emi cheyyalevu ra!” who doesn’t remember this intense dialogue from her movie, Arundati?? Her character and acting surely give goosebumps to all. Boldness, courage and struggle are somethings that are portrayed by her character in the film. Which girl would not want some character streaks like those!

3. Pragya Jaiswal in Kanche3-pragya-jaiswalThe heart to love a person inside out, the guts to put it in front of her family despite the differences they have. No matter what, she wants everything normal between her brother and her love! Every girl wants the society to give a chance for her to put forth her decisions and also wants the family, at the least to respect her decisions.

4. Malavika Nair in Evade Subramanyam4-malavika-nairA very sensitive girl who does anything for people close to her heart! Raise your hands, girls!

5. Kamilini Mukarjee in Gamyam5-kamalini-mukherjeeA girl in love is in love with the person and not the status. Beautiful movie and a great story line. She wanted the hero to know the real meaning of life before they reunite. Many heartfelt scenes in the movie!

6. Nitya Menon in Gunde Jaari Gallanthayyinde6-nitya-menonThe lady in the movie has a fantasy that might sound a little dumb but there are some girls who wish they had the same fantasy! After being cheated for wrong identity, who would not want tp take revenge on the man?? I’m sure many girls out there would’ve supported her inside themselves for the revenge! Do not go back ladies.

7. Ritu Varma in Pelli Choopulu7-ritu-varmaThese days, gender equality has come up and no girl likes a difference being shown in that case. They want to be independent and achieve their dreams and not just be someone’s wife! There is no limit, ladies! Dream big!

8. Kamilinee Mukherjee in Godavari8-kamilinee-mukherjeeThis beautiful and casual movie has a strong character for the female lead that is definitely the inner voice of every girl. Am I right girls??

9. Anushka Shetty in Size Zero9-anushka-shettyBeing thin is not the end of the world! Being chubby does not make a person, especially a woman bad! Breaking all the stereotypes, this movie has given a strong message to every person in the society.

10. Regina Cassandra in Kotha Janta10-regina-cassandraNo matter how selfish we are about our life and career, we keep aside everything for our family and our loved ones! She is a perfect example for this. What do you say??

11. Shruthi Hassan in Oh My Friend11-shruthi-hassanWe all have that one friend who is our 3am friend, bestfriend, shopping friend, hangout friend and everything else. Many of us have that one friend to be of the opposite gender. How wrong could that be?? Girls with their best friends as boys tend to make that person a bestfriend for life and would want the society to understand that.