Telugu movie songs that will make you nostalgic about your friends


Friendship is one of the brightest relationships in our lives. Everything relationship is promising if there is friendship in it. And mana life lo edo oka time lo we meet friends who become the best parts of our lives. Manam eh movie lo aina friends gurinchi eh chinna part ochina kuda, we recollect and relate those moments with the ones that happened to us in our lives.

Here are a few songs that will remind us of our friends and would want to be with them at this moment.

1. Mustafa Mustafa – Prema Desam

2. Arey re – Happy Days

3. Ekkado Putti – Student No. 1

4. Dost Mera Dost – Pelli Pandiri

5. O My Friend – Happy Days

6. Kontha Kaalam Kindata – Nee Sneham

7. Oh Oh My Friend – Oh My Friend

8. Meesamunna Nesthama – Sneham Kosam

If you have a song that represents your friends, let us know ?

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