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Telugu movies that had so much on dancing


Dancing ante mana andarki ishtam. Dappu meeda teenamaaru veeyadam kondarki ishtam aithe, proper ga song petkoni dance cheyyadam kondarki ishtam. Classical, hiphop, salsa or many other dance forms kuda untay professional ga. Some people ki ilanti professional dancing is more than passion. So alanti vaallakosam tollywood has made some beautiful movies.
Lets take a look at some telugu movies which did a lot of concentration on dancing.

1. Sagara Sangamam1-sagara-sangamamOka financially poor yet a multi-talented dancer gurinchi ee story antha. Enni movies ochina kuda…ee movie lo una depth matram no one could bring it up again.

2. Swarna KamalamThis movie is about an artist who strives to help his neighbor who is a retired cultural dancer.

3. Sankara BharanamThis is a classic hotchpotch without confusion. Classical music and classical dancing forms a great combination which is shown in this movie.

4. Siri Siri MuvvaA mute girl who is ill treated by her step mother has her life and love on dancing. This movie is about dancing and love for her companion. This is a heart touching movie with so much soul in it.

5. Sye AataEe movie is all about oka choreographer and two children gangs who compete against each other.

6. StyleDance kosam pranam iche oka choreographer and dancer who lost his legs in an accident meets another orphan who considers dancing his passion. This movie has two dance gurus and no one can ever forget it.

7. PournamiThis is a movie about a tradition of performing a classical dance at a temple on an auspicious day. A girl who puts her passion in following this tradition is taken in wrong ways with her step mother runs away with her lover and later passes away in rivalry. The lover unites with the girl’s family and fulfills her dream with the help of her sister.

8. ABCDThis movie has been released in hindi too at the same time. It is all about natural and passionate dancing and not dancing for TRP.

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