16 Telugu Movies That Have Changed The Face Of Telugu Cinema Since 2010

Contributed by Sravya Gowrisetty

Telugu movies lo manam anni categories ni chudagalam. Cinema fans and Cinema freaks ante we expect the movies to come out with different and creative concepts, as well as some classics sometimes. Inni years nunchi intha mandi writers and directors struggle chestunnaru and the audience are definitely encouraging them to take new leaps. There definitely are certain number of films that have definitely revolutionised the concept of Telugu Cinema……

1.Khaleja (2010)

KhalejaEe movie TV hit aindi kani this movie has so much intense content in it. ‘GOD’ ane mana emotion and belief ki oka strong meaning ichinnaru Trivikram Srinivas Garu…

2.Vedam (2010)

VedamThis movie is just not about different people from different backgrounds coming together in unity and saving the day. This film talks beautifully about exploiting people from different religion, job, and status and how important it is to realise the beauty of being a human despite any difference.

3.Prasthanam (2010)

PrasthanamDeva Katta gaaru showed us the beauty of understanding human beings on the darker side through this movie. The movie is very nicely shown from the eyes of every character in the film.

4.Eega (2012)

EegaThis revenge based film is definitely not something any writer or audience would think it to be. Ee film lo the director made is watch the film the way he wanted us to and has also paved way to creativity in the others too.

5.Mithunam (2012)

MidhunamThis movie shows dramatically life in a very different angle and a completely unique perspective. This movie teaches us how important it is to live this life with love, care and togetherness without any regret at all.

6.Swamy Ra Ra (2013)

Swamy Ra RaThis is one of those few films that come under the genre Dark Comedy. Ee movie lo ni characters andaru criminals, gansters, thieves aina kuda this movie goes on in a very different style and audience have been kept contained with how it went.

7.1-Nenokkadine (2015)

NenuokadinaaEe movie lo konni things audience ni disappoint cheshna kuda, there are a few aspects that have provoked creativity in a new dimension. This film introduced to the industry Layered Storytelling in the most unique way.

8.Bahubali (2015 and 2017)

BahubaliThis film is definitely an out of the world one for Telugu and definitely Indian Cinema. Ee cinema gurinchi ee two lines lo cheppadam kashtam abba. Mee andarki chaala ne telsu already.

9.Kanche (2015)

KanchaThis movie excelled in its writing. It spoke of an old school romantic tale where caste system is a problem. But this movie spoke of hope as well in every scene so beautifully that once you understand the inner meaning, you’d be stuck to it.

10.Malli Malli Idi Rani Roju (2015)

Mali Mali Eedhi Rani RojuThis is a cult classic love story that catches the audience with a timeless love, out-of-the-wold dialogues and music that is just soothing enough for the audience to sit back and live the old age romance.

11.Yevade Subramanyam (2015)

Evade SubramanayamThis is the decade’s film of self-discovery. This movie successfully attempts at visual narrative in the nicest way possible. This movie has picked concepts that will please and touch audiences of every possible base.

12.Pelli Choopulu (2016)

Pelli ChupulluA romantic comedy that has won its audience with the most simplest of locations, concept and style. This film gave serious goals to such filmmakers.

13.Arjun Reddy (2017)

Arjune ReddyThe movie revolved around three concepts; Pain, Love and Relentlessness. Another striking thing of this film is that every character has certain imperfections that are very clear throughout the film and there is no justification or reasoning to anything whatsoever.

14.Rangasthalam (2018)

RangasthalamThis movie has an age-old concept of feudal fights in a village. But what makes this film stand out is the beauty in the characters and every single element that the director progressed it with.

15.C/O Kancherapalem (2018)

Care Of KancherapalemThe movie has different stories that talk about love in different forms and each of them have been disrupted due to human differences. The screenplay is done so beautifully that it makes the viewer feel the reality and the essence of distinctiveness. The last bit of the film makes every piece of the rest to come together.

16.Goodachari (2018)

GoodachariThis is a thriller that looks technically and cinematically beautiful. The movie has bits of lags but has never failed to land smoothly convincing the audiences of everything it certainly can.

Let us add some more to the list at the end of this year! Do share us your favourite from the list and off the list.

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