Thanking Wonderful Women of our Lives..!


There is no definite time to thank the ladies of our life, but March 8 is International Women’s day that celebrates womanhood and being a woman. So why not use this chance to let them know how much we love them and make them feel special.! Wonderful Women.

MotherWonderful Women

The first woman we ever knew! She introduced us to this beautiful world and nurtured us.
Ma, we can’t thank you enough for the myriad roles you have embraced to bring us by being our caretaker, guru, playmate, protector, counsellor, friend and secret keeper. Though we take you for granted and sometimes overlook what you have done to us, you always put up with us and turned into a synonym for unconditional love. It took us long to understand that you were occasionally tough on us only to make us better people. It always becomes easier to convince dad if you take our side. The best place in this world is your lap mom. Thanks for being our angel!

WifeWonderful Women

A companion who joins after the quarter milestone of life to make it even merrier. It is very difficult for someone to move to a new house, live with a new family and get accustomed to a new lifestyle. But woman copes up pretty well with changes that occur at various stages of life. Thank you dear for understanding my work priorities and making compromises at times. House is made of bricks but a home is made of love, care, affection and you are the one who binds us together. Thanks a lot for striking a work-personal life balance! What would I do without you! You are a true inspiration to kids, am grateful for having you in my life! Thanks for everything.

SisterWonderful Women

Cartoons would be been really boring if Tom didn’t have Jerry. Same way, Life would be mundane without a sibling. Sisters always demand a share of our food, toys, clothes. But they equally share our sorrows, happy times and they are our partners in crime. Sisters add naughtier memories to cherish. Thank you, sister, for listening to my concerns at times when I can’t discuss few things with parents. Thanks for not hating me and taking me back when I goof up things. A big thanks to all sisters who help their brothers in understanding their girl friend’s mood swings as guys feel that it is even more difficult than rocket science to understand women.

GrandmotherWonderful Women

Grandparents are the only ones on earth who pampers us to the fullest! Thank you very much, granny for telling wonderful stories to us. You impart so much knowledge about our traditions, culture and narrate our mythologies. When we are with you, parents never attempt to argue with us. Thank you very much for the efforts you put in to make yummy delicacies for us. We can feel the love in every morsel of the food. You always treat us like the kings & queens of this world. Love your granny!Wonderful Women

Many women are part of our lives, be it a friend, boss, teacher, colleague, maid etc. Take this opportunity to express your gratitude. Costly gifts are not necessary for that, just a simple gesture of a thank you note will mean a lot! Happy Women’s Day !!