Baahubali: The 1st Indian Movie To Be Screened At The Royal Albert Hall, London Along With Live Orchestra

Baahubali ee magnum opus movie India, China, Japan and other countries lo ee movie ki vacchina tremendous response mana andariki telsindhe. Aithe ee movie fever and celebrations inka agaledhu. Ippudu ee movie inko oka record set chesindi. London lo unna Royal Albert Hall lo every year jarige world movie screening lo for the first time oka Indian Cinema history lo mana movie ni ee hall lo show vestunaru.

First Indian Cinema mana Telugu movie avvadam nijanga manam antha pride ga feel aiyye vishayam. Ee hall lo movie ki mundu M.M Keeravani and his team Live-In Sync Music perform Cheyabotunaru. Already Ee vishayani SS Rajamouli, Prabhas and ARKA Media vallu ee vishayanni tama twitter, FB accounts dwara post chesaru.

Inthaki Ee Robert Albert Hall speciality enti ? Mana Baahubali tho patu ikkada eh movies screening vestunaru? Anedi detailed ga teluskundham….

Royal Albert Hall of London Built 150 years ago in 1871:

Royal Family ‘Queen Victoria’ time lo ante 1867 lo start chesina ‘Royal Albert Hall’ Construction 2 years ki ante 1871 lo complete aindi. Idhe year March 29th inaugurate aina ee Hall lo world’s leading artists from many performance genres have appeared on this stage.

20,000 square feet area lo built chesina ee hall initial ga first 8000 seating capacity tho built chesaru. But now ee Hall current 5,544 members ni allow chestunaru. And ikkada Miss World, Miss Universe, Worldwide Movies and top most musicians tho live concert lantivi conduct chestuntaru. And ee year ilane recent ga vacchina best movies from around the world screening veyanunnaru. Andulo mana Baahubali movie okati and Live concert okati.

Few famous events, movie screenings and live concerts at the Royal Albert Hall:

1. Hall held its first 3D world première of Titanic 3D, on 27 March 2012. This screening was graced with James Cameron and Kate Winslet

Baahubali Royal Albert Hall2. The first Miss World contest broadcast in colour was also staged at the venue in 1969

Baahubali Royal Albert Hall3. Live screening and orchestra of Interstellar movie at hall in 2015

Baahubali Royal Albert Hall4. Tennis was first played at the Hall in March 1970 and the ATP Champions Tour
Masters has been played annually every December since 1997.

Baahubali Royal Albert Hall5. Since 2000, the Classic Brit Awards has been hosted annually in May at the Hall. It is organized by the British Phonographic Industry

Baahubali Royal Albert Hall

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