The 7 Teachers that We Encounter in Our Life.


Ee teachers nerpinchedi is more important that maths and science.

Life lo prati stage lo manam okkokkati nerchukuntam. Ala manam sonthamga konni nerchukuntam and vere chaala vishayalu we learn from people in our life. Here are those wonderful teachers who we must take time and give them a hug today.

1.Our Mother – She has been a teacher for everything in our life. Food tine daggar nunchi, veskune battalu and manam unde vidhanam. Anni thane nerpistundi. She teaches us that life lo manam em cheshna heart lo compassion tho cheyyali. Her love and purity in her soul teaches us that life lo goals are not to become successful. We must aim to be happy and useful, success follows immediately. They tell us that judging people without knowing them is as bad as making you bad.

Mother As a teacher

2.Father – Fathers teach that superheroes are just the movies you watch and the games you play. Superheroes are those people who aren’t afraid of falling down. They rise up slowly and make their way to success. They have been giving us unspoken lessons that every day is a new life that we get to live. Do good and be good.

2 - Father

3.Teachers at school – They might’ve just taught us the smallest of words and the tiniest of numbers. But, they show us ways to deal with the books of life and calculations of many such books.3 - High School

4.Sports Masters – They keep telling us that being active physically will help us lead a life of discipline. If your body is active, your brain never sleeps. Thank to all those people who made us play on the ground and let us discover that education can also lay beyond our classrooms.4 - Sports Teachers

5.Teachers at colleges – They have given us the liberty to explore teachings that life will give us in due course. They have been indirectly the reason of what we are today. They have taught us how to solve problems and hinted us at how to recover ourselves from the crisis we might face any day. They teach us that growth in all dimensions require equal amount of pain.

5 - college

6.The woman in our lives – She taught us that smile and beauty are the things beyond superficial skin. They teach us that happiness is the outcome of true love.6 - love of Life

7.Our children – These children might be the those that taken birth from us or the ones we love like them. They teach us that dreaming of castles isn’t wrong, but it is the nicest castle to be done on your hands. They tell that dirty hands, shoes and shirts do not overshadow the smile and innocence. They teach us that growing up in life can be as difficult as it is to stay grown!7 - Children