A Software Engineer-A Flipkart Delivery Boy-Now A Novelist : The Amazing Journey Of Arun Bhimavarapu


After completing your graduation, cracking a job especially in a MNC like TCS shows how happy you can be with your life (minus the clichéd job responsibilities and intricacies involved inside a company, you’ve got a job in first place!). From there your only aim will be to scale heights and make the best out of your opportunity.

Here let me introduce to you Arun Bhimavarapu (Pavan), who quit such a job because the atmosphere he was working in didn’t give him satisfaction anymore. He chose to travel in the path his heart directed him. It might seem like a fantasy to hear such a story, but only the person who traveled through such path will know the bitter side of it too. It is definitely not as easy as I write or you read.

The task was only an uphill ambition at that point. Things never came to him easily. A boy who was determined to write and get his book published started to work tirelessly with Flipkart delivering 60 parcels a day to earn for himself and saved some to ‘self-publish’ his first book. There was a point when he even had to sell his ‘Titan sports wrist watch’ which he bought with his hard earned money, to survive his daily expenses.


We have learnt that a pain in an interval between two pleasures. Now that all is well, Arun, now a screenplay writer and lyricist is turning out to be one of the few English novelists from the Telugu land. His first book After that day… I never saw her again’ received great response and he has now come out with his second book ‘My Nightingale’

A wafer thin love story set in the pre-independence time has the story revolving with personalities from those times. Just a spoiler or surprise, whatever you may call it – the person whom you will hail by the end of this novel is Subash Chandra Bose around whom some surprising elements (which you have never imagined them to be) will warm your heart and make you thank him and our elders, for the struggle they have put into the freedom we are enjoying today.

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An interesting fact behind the name Arun Bhimavarapu

Now comes the interesting part, Arun Bhimavarapu as we all know is only the pen name. Pavan Bhimavarapu as he is originally known has the large heart to forego his name and instead write everything under the name of his friend Arun, who also wanted to be a writer. For a writer, his name is everything that he lives on. This only shows us the inspiring as well as the beautiful side of Pavan aka Arun’s personality.

When you come across such an individual, how can you not pass by without acknowledging him and taking inspiration from him.

For the interesting reader in you, the book can be purchased here : Notionpress.com