The Art of Embracing Yourself

We live in a society where we have constantly judged by others opinions and we constantly strive to create a positive impression in the mind of others. Our minds have been constantly fed with the idea of tall, fair and beautiful women or tall, dark, and handsome men, that we constantly work out on ourselves to match up with the image that the society has laid upon us and so, we remain as a mystery to ourselves as we are to others. Whether it be your way of dressing or the way you communicate with people, you try to put great effort in making others look at you the way you want them to look at. But, is that what you’ve always yourself to be seen as? Is that what you always want to be like?

A famous actor once named Robert Morley once said,

“To fall in love with yourself is the first secret to happiness.”

Art of Embracing Yourself

It takes great courage and strength for one to be themselves in a society that has set up various norms and particularities when it comes to men and women (especially for women). Since the day we marked our presence in the society we are living in, we have judged and we have differentiated as men and women, black and white, thick and thin and by various other characteristics. And not only that, we have been exposed to various brands that propagate the idea of an ideal man or woman which is usually tall, fair and beautiful, and we constantly strive to imitate them and be like them and constantly worry about our looks. Little did we realise that the real path to happiness is to fall in love with yourself as quoted above. A person can only attain the sublime beauty by mastering the art of embracing themselves.

Art of Embracing Yourself

In a society where we are constantly being judged, embracing yourself becomes one of the most quintessential elements and yet one of the challenging acts. One must have the courage to present themselves as they are, the strength to overcome the criticism that one will go through in the journey of embracing themselves and the perseverance to attain the aesthetic beauty by embracing yourself. For if you cannot love yourself for who you are, then how can you expect with the world to love you.

Art of Embracing Yourself

And so, for Y’all who are reading this, we all go through different situations in life where we are constantly being criticised, and the only way to be content with ourselves is by learning to embrace yourself. For it is only we, who knows what we really are. And at the end of the day, life is all about being comfortable under your own skin and living the life you wish to.

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