The Black-Listed Fake Babas Of India

Faith is one thing that keeps us going. India is a spiritual country where innumerable gods are worshipped in various forms. To encash the beliefs of people, fake Babas sprouted up with fancy titles.
They gain popularity by fabricating phony magical tricks and make innocent people believe that they are godmen. They commit misdeeds on the name of god, but when the times comes and their crimes are exposed, they have to be behind the bars. The Akhil Bharatiya Akhara Parishad, the top council of Hindu Sants (saints) and Sadhus (ascetics) in India, has released a list of 14 fake babas and demanded a legislation to crack down on “rootless cult leaders.” Here are some of them,

1.Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh – Rockstar Gurufake babas

He is 50years old and is the head of the Indian social group Dera Sacha Sauda(DSS) since 1990. He has released several music albums and films, which typically revolve around himself and his teachings. He is usually credited in his films as actor, director, writer, songwriter, as well as various other roles, in one instance being credited in thirty departments. Ram Rahim’s followers have adopted “Insan” (“human”) as a surname.
Many charges were levied against him. Some of them are being involved in enforcing the castration of hundreds of followers, murder of a journalist, and two rape convictions. Currently is he sentenced for 20 years of jail.

2.Asaram Bapufake babas

He established over 400 ashrams in India and abroad and was popular with politicians, celebrities and common people for his religious discourses. Many of his Ashrams have faced legal issues on grounds of illegal encroachment. In 2008, two boys were missing from his gurukul and were later found dead.
He landed into a controversy when he said, the delhi gang rape victim would have been saved if she “called her rapists brothers and begged them to stop”.
Both Asaram and his son were convicted in rape cases. There were numerous attacks on the witnesses of the crimes. Currently Asaram was pronounced guilty of the charges for raping a 16-year old girl in 2013 and is imprisoned for life.

3.Radhe Maa – Lady In Redfake babas

For us red is one of the colors, but for Radhe Maa red is the only color. Everything about this self-styled godwoman is red – from her flashy clothes, lipstick to the lift that takes you to her four-storey bungalow in Borivali(Mumbai), the furniture in it, fans, curtains, ceiling, floor et al. There is nothing that’s not painted in red.
She blesses devotees by getting them to lift her. She was accused for several criminal charges, including alleged offences under the Dowry Act, indecency, fooling people for money and driving farmers to suicide.

4.Sant Rampalfake babas

Rampal claims himself to be an incarnation of the great poet and saint Kabir, whom he considers to be the supreme god. He claims that all the major religious scriptures including Vedas, Gita, Quran, Bible and Guru Granth Sahib name Kabir as the supreme god. Rampal was charged with murder, and arrested. After spending several months in jail, he was released on bail in 2008. In November 2014, after he failed to appear in the court multiple times, the court ordered his arrest. However, the presence of thousands of followers, allegedly confined by his aides, prevented the police from arresting him for a few days. He was finally arrested on 19 November 2014.

5.Swami Omfake babas

He is an Indian Astrologer. He was a lesser known figure before he arrived in the Bigg Boss house. He once slapped a lady during a live debate on a news channel. He claimed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had sought his assistance during the 2015 elections. He got into many controversies and even launched an under garments brand. He is accused of hoarding weapons, stealing bicycles and extorting money from women by using obscene photos. Swami, who is accused of stealing expensive parts of bicycles from his brother’s shop has cases against him in the court.

6.Nirmal Baba – TRP Superstarfake babas

He is an Indian spiritual leader who is known for his public discourses and has several followers in Indian subcontinent and around the world. His shows were aired on 40 different channels. he makes public appearances and converses with aggrieved devotees who usually narrate their personal, social or financial worries to him. Nirmal Baba also claims to save his devotees from negative effects of black magic and evil spirits. He is accused of tax evasion, cheating and spreading superstition.

Some sadhus and saints may be genuine where they have attained immense knowledge through mediation and share it with people. Simply don’t fall prey for any babas, don’t blindly believe them. Use your conscience.

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