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Vishnumurthy ki Bhrigu maharishi icchina sapam


Mana mythology lo aneka rakala stories unnay. Vaatilo chaala characters and chaala incidents unay. Aa incidents kaarananga kondarki konni curses labhinchayi. Alanti oka very interesting and unknown curses ivi.According to the Matsya Purana story, this entire thing happened during the wars between the Gods and Demons. Demi gods were led by God Indra and asuralaku idi chaala tough task to win them. Having lost several times, the leader of the demons, Shukracharya (son of the sage Bhrigu) decided to ask Lord Shiva for help. He also requested Lord Shiva for Mrita Sanjivani, using which Shiva could bring back the dead. He also prayed that for the grant of Mritasanjeevani Stotram, a mantra that would make the Asuras invincible.
Meanwhile, he asked the Asuras to take refuge at the ashram of his father, Bhrigu. he Devtas used this opportunity to attack unarmed Asuras. In the absence of the sage, the Asuras fled to Bhrigu’s wife for shelter. To protect them, she used her powers to make Lord Indra immobile. Ilanti samayamlo the devas asked Lord Vishnu for help. Vishnu decided to enter the body of Indra to save the Devas. Enraged by this, Bhrigu’s wife warned to kill them all. Indra instigated to annihilate Bhrigu’s wife, and abiding by Indra’s words, Vishnu used the Sudarshana chakra to kill her from her head. Devastated sage Bhrigu seeing his wife’s condition, cursed lord Vishnu to be born on earth and suffer the pain of death and birth several times. Because of this curse Vishnu had to take countless avatars on earth and endure all the worldly pain. Later, Bhrigu got back his wife by sprinkling holy water.

Ee curse yokka goppatanam is the formation of what we now rely on, the Bhagawad Gita nad Mahabharata and many more.

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