NERD : The First Adult And Psycho Thriller Telugu Web Series From ZEE5

Streaming platforms and digital content is ruling the world now. Movies nundi start chesthe webseries, serials, talk shows tho ippudu streaming platforms ki demand chala perigindi. But this web series culture is more in the north, compared to our south. Kani ee madhya ZEE5 lanti streaming platforms mana telugu web series and telugu content ni full encourage chestunaru.

Recent ga some days back ‘Kailasapuram’ ane telugu web series ni release chesina ZEE5 vallu ippudu inko telugu web series ni exclusive ga Telugu audience kosam release chesaru. Ee new Telugu web series ‘NERD’ stands for Neither.Either.Really.Dead.

Within no time this series has gotten huge attention and it has become a trending web series. Enduku anedi teluskovali ante ee reasons chudandi.

1. The entire plot revolves around an orphan guy, and what happens when he meets 6 beautiful girls.

orphan guy

Orphaned IT employee aina Hasvanth ane character relationship kosam wait chesthunna time lo anukokunda 6 girls ni meet avthadu. Meet aina taruvatha nundi aa six girls miss avvadam, ela miss aiyyaru? Enduku miss aiyyaru ane dani venaka back story teliyali ante ee series chudlasindhe.

2. Bold scenes and intriguing suspense narration is present till the end of series.

bold scene

6 girls ni meet aina Hasvanth slow ga vallatho close ga move avuthu untadu. Appati varaku unna loneliness ni marchipoyi parichayam aina prathi okkari tho intimate ga relationship maintain chesthadu, ee scenes anni konchem bold ga untayi. But, every girl he meets goes missing one after one. Idantha evaru chestunnaru anedhi investigation police role dwara chala intriguing ga untundhi.

3. First Adult and Erotic Crime Thriller Telugu web series.


NERD web series is completely adult and erotic web series in Telugu. Ala ani mottham adult content and erotic content ledu just limited scenes untayi.

4. Direction, Screenplay, Music and Production values.

directionDeva Ganesh is the director who wrote both the story and screenplay. He made his mark with this series in OTT platform. His crime thriller has a perfect screenplay with layers and intriguing screenplay. And Naren RK Siddhartha music is an additional plus to this erotic suspense thriller.

5. Must watch for one who loves thrillers and crime dramas.


If you love thrillers and crime stories, then this series is a must watch. With this series, ZEE5 oka new genre ni Telugu audience ki introduce chesindi.

Binge watch this bold series through this link.

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