The First Flower Blooms In Space, Sends Science Geeks Into A Tizzy

First Flower in space,Tizzy

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly sent a tweet on Saturday with a picture of the first flower to bloom in space, and it has sent the scientific world into frenzy ever since.

The flower can normally be seen flowering in Southwestern United States, and this is the second natural living object to grow in space, after the International Space Station grew lettuce in space. The flower is reported to be called ‘zinnia’, and if the experiment continues to be successful, it will make it a lot easier for astronauts on space missions to grow and eat vegetables and fruits.

As of now, NASA has a special catering department that looks into the gastronomical needs of the astronauts, who are provided with pre-cooked and packed food. With the first flower blooming in space, astronauts should be high-fiving each other in joy, and bidding goodbye to their process meal packs!

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