The Forgotten Army: Here Is Why This Periodic War Series Is A Must Watch

What is the cost of Freedom?

Uncountable Dead bodies, Infinite Shattered Families, Unfathomable Wrecked Souls.


Kabir Khan’s The Forgotten Army is a web series about brute force, anger, grief & sacrifice. But this is more than that it is about a man and a woman who are in love and sacrifice their love for a higher purpose.

Amid overly loaded nationalistic ritual caricature movies which are intentionally or accidentally seems to be government manifestos here comes a series about the Indian Soldiers who fought for the British Army in the time of World War 2 and the events that led to the formation of Indian National Army by Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose.

This web series is neither about the Indian army taking down Pakistan nor about Indian soldiers’ triumphant victories. It is a story about uncountable soldiers who fought in the Indian National army and at the end completely ignored by the then Indian government, these soldiers didn’t get any sort of recognition for their bravery instead they are charged with treachery for joining the Indian National Army.


When it comes to performances Sunny Kaushal delivered a heroic yet mourning performance as Captain Sodhi special mention to the scene where he tells about the plight of soldiers to Maya we can completely see the shallowness in his eyes & I can see the shades of Vicky Kaushal (just a little bit) in him and the performance of Sharvari Wagh as Maya she is as delicate as a butterfly and she is as explosive as a grenade that is ready to explode when the time comes. Tj Bhanu as Rasamma, she only has few lines and she delivered those lines like a dragon that is spitting fire. And my favorite and stand out performance Rohit Chaudhary as Arshad, amid all the chaos that the show is surrounded with he is the soothing sky, he is the mourning earth and he is the raging nature.

Plus & Minus Points:

This web series not only gives us the blood of soldiers it gives a load of emotions that your heart is so timid to carry them. The Friendship of Arshad & Sodhi, The love of Sodhi & Maya & The respect between the guy(the one who plays the flute) & Rasamma. There comes a scene when Rasamma in the chaos of military training she screams with all the harassed bones about the plight of women under the British and their capabilities of fighting in the war along & against with men will make you shed a tear and scream with pride.

The only drawback of the show is that I felt the show a bit rushed. And the 1992 Burma episodes could have been dealt better. The War scenes sometimes seem out of place. The Forgotten Army team has left the viewers with so many unsolved puzzles at the end of the show. I hope the forgotten army team come up with a season 2

  • No of Episodes: 5
  • Is it Recommandble?: Highly
  • Source: Amazon Prime
  • Bottom Line: The Untold Story of Indian Soldiers.

Performances To Watch Out For:

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