The Future of the Smartphone Apple “iPhone X” is Unveiled


The Most exciting Phone ever Apple’s iPhone X is unveiled at Apple event at Jobs Theatre in Apple Park at Cupertino, California which was surrounded by 100 Acres of greenery with 9000 trees and I think that Steve Jobs soul be still alive which was roaming inside Apple park and it was the most peaceful place in the world.

iPhone X1Edge-to- Edge bezel less infinity OLED Display tho iPhone X ne apple team Steve Jobs ki ankitham chestu design chesaru, Screen display chustuntene pichekestundi.

Exciting Things in iPhone X
Apple iPhone X ( Pronounced as iPhone 10 ) lo epudu finger print scanning replace chesi Face ID ne introduce chesaru, ee Face ID ne compare chesi chuste touch ID kanna chala secured ani Apple team cheptundi, One in 50,000 people can be found to open Touch ID but face ID ala kadanta 1 in Million can be matchable and twins ki kuda possibility ayye chances lev anta, even twins will also fail to troll this face ID anta.2

Same Touch ID ne ela set cheskuntamo anta easy ga face ID kuda set cheskovachu just it takes a minute to set Face ID, Just rotate your face facing phones display then automatically it takes the Face ID by Using IR scanner and front facing camera.3

4iPhone X epudu oka kotta chipset tho vastundi, A11 Biocon Chip edhi epudunna iPhone 7 kanna 70% faster and dual core Processor and ee Chipset lo neural engine install chesi untundi daanini use cheskone Face ID work avtundi and face ID ante meeku konni Doubts vache untai eepatiki night time password enter cheyyalsindena face clear ga kanipinchadu ga ani ? But ekkada ee Face ID Darkness lo kuda work avtundi. Okati pakkaga ardam cheskovali meru, Apple anta gattiga Touch ID remove chesi Only Face ID use chestundi ante adhi fail ayye chances lev and even darkness also it works by just taping your screen up. Face ID was failed on the first attempt, Awkward moment on stage5

Edi chala viral avtundi social media lo, Edhi Tala dinchukovlsina Vishayam Manaki Apple kk kaadu, because if you are an iphone user you will definitely know the reason why it failed on first time, Just go into the deep, meru aah live event chusi unte andulo first time host face try chesinappudu adi PassCode adigindi adhi andaru fail ani anukuntunnaru but image ne deep ga chuste oka Clarity vastundi “Requires Passcode to enable Face ID” ani clear ga kanipistundi, when we refreshed or restarted our iPhone it asks our passcode to enable touch ID, Same ade ekkada jarigindi aah phone appude Restart chesaru so first time it asked passcode to enable Face ID.

A Vertical 12MP Dual Rear Camera with Optical Image Stabilisation OIS futures f/1.8 and f/2.8 apaertures ante large images kuda daggara nundi HDR lo teeskovachu, 12MP + 12MP HDR Cameras with Augumented reality support tho ante mamulu vishayam kaadu and front
7MP HD Front Potrait kuda teeskunela design chesaru.

Potrait Futures in iPhone X, epudu front and rear cameras tho DSLR tho teeskunattu photos teeskovachu and indulo lighting modes kuda add chesaru ante even in low light lo kuda studio lighting set up lo photo teeskunnati undela modes unnai and mana background lights full ga dull cheyyochu and inka oka mode lo mottam background black ga manam matram clear ga stabilise ayyela AR Augmented reality work avtundi. Potrait Mode selfies and Potrait Lightening6

7Augmented Reality (AR)
Augmented reality is the major feature in iPhone X, Augmented Reality ante em ledu bayya, games or events anything which is visual can be activated with AR and you can just add your friends into Ar with a Cartoonised image or live from the Camera into Game or
somewhere else like going vacations and you can even play your loved game by going inside into the game with AR effects and you can add animals to your videos by using Augmented reality9

Even you can send iMessages by using AR with realistic creates emoji message by recording with selected emojis10

Wireless Charging
Here you will get a Wireless charging pad named as AirPower and fast charging capable even you can charge your Apple watch 3 and Airpods with the Airpower Pad.

Quad True Tone Flash
4 flash lights are placed between the two rear cameras for better image stabilization with 12MP Rear Dual cameras

True Tone Display which controls Display with Ambient surrounding temperature

Ee iPhone X two variants lo vastundi one in Silver and another in Space-Grey

Memory kuda Two ranges lo untundi 64GB and 256 GB with 3GB of RAM
iPhone X will come with iOS 11 as you can check all the Screenshots are showing it with iOS 11 and to all Other iPhone Devices from iPhone 5S to iPhone 7 You will get an iOS 11 Update on September 19.

How much it Costs in India
iPhone X 64 GB Cost Rs.89,000 and 256GB costs Rs.1,02,000 in India and they will be available from November 3rd
And it’s a Wrap
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