The Greatest Kerala Funny Videos on YouTube


Aside from being the most literate and advanced state in the country, there’s another distinction that Kerala enjoys. Of putting up funny videos on Youtube. In a way, they are only surpassed by Pakistan (Watch our compilation of the greatest Pakistan funny videos here).

All the videos have common features – there is lush greenery in the background, there’s one guy who’s the director, one cinematographer, and one performer. The three of them come together to provide the whole world laughs.

Here’s our compilation of the greatest Kerala funny videos. Enjoy!


TROLLING A BUS: These guys wait patiently for the bus to arrive. However, it’s not what it seems. I can’t begin to imagine the frustration of the driver! 😀


SWIMMING WITH THE FISHES: With 44 rivers, Kerala is bound to have lots of fish, fishermen, and fisheries. So obviously, there’s going to be a guy with a camera, taking videos too!


WHEELIE GONE WRONG: There are times when you love your bike. And there are times when the bike doesn’t reciprocate your love!


ROW, ROW, ROWCK THE BOAT: I wonder how Noah did it. His boat must be better!!


YOU’RE ACTIVE, AA? : Honda Activa is generally considered a steady, sturdy bike. But trust our brothers to bring out its wild side too!


POTTA!!: This video is legendary on many levels. There’s an earnest rider, a Mani Ratnam behind the camera, and at the end, a very pissed off man dressed in a dhoti.


SANTOSH PANDIT: Leonardo da Vinci was an artist, scientist, sculptor, architect, engineer, cartographer, astronomer and mathematician. But that’s old news. We give you Santosh Pandit – actor, director, script-writer, music director, lyric writer, editor and playback singer.


TRAIN DRIVER: Ever wondered why trains sometimes stop at obscure places without a reason? Well, now you know!


COME ON, BABY. LIGHT MY FIRE: Protests are generally passionate and emotional. One guy proves he has the most fire in his belly!


WHEN THE ROAD ROLLER ROLLS A JOINT: A complicated vehicle, a spirited driver, and a guy with a camera to capture it all.


HAPPY DIWALI: Dads will go to any extent for their children. Won’t they?

Did we miss out any videos? Let us know in the Comments section below!

Happy Onam! 😀

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