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2000-2020: List Of All The Highest Grossing Telugu Films Year By Year


Indian cinema relies heavily on box-office numbers irrespective of the content. The more the numbers, the bigger the cinema. Every year fans go frenzy all over the internet about the box-office numbers, but 2020 has spoiled the sport for them, so we don’t have those fan wars over numbers this year, thanks to the pandemic. But it’s not such a bad thing to go back and take a look at the previous years box-office numbers of Telugu cinema. So we just listed all the ‘Highest Grossing Telugu Films’ Year By Year (2000 – 2020) from the start of the 20th century till now. Take a look

1) Year: 2000 – Highest-grossing film: Kalisundam Raa

1 Kalisudham Ra– Kalisundham Raa was rated as the biggest hit in Telugu cinema in 70 years.
– It ran for a record 100 days in 103 centres, 175 days in 35 centres and 200 days in 20 centres.
– It broke the records made by Samarasimha Reddy in 1999.

2) Year: 2001 – Highest-grossing film: Narasimha Naidu

– First Telugu film to have a distributor share of ₹20 crores.
– Film created a new record by completing 100 days theatrical run in 105 theatres
– All India record by having 101 shows in just one week.

3) Year: 2002 – Highest-grossing film: Indra

– Highest-grossing Telugu film of that time, with a budget of ₹10 crore, it collected more than ₹40 crore

4) Year: 2003 – Highest-grossing film:Tagore

– Film had a 50-day run in 253 centres and a 100-day run in 191 centres.
– Collected Rs 45.35 crores in its full run.

5) Year: 2004 – Highest-grossing film: Shankar Dada M.B.B.S.

6) Year: 2005 – Highest-grossing film: Andarivaadu

7) Year: 2006 – Highest-grossing film: Pokiri

– Film grossed ₹70 crore worldwide and remained the highest-grossing Telugu film for three years, until it was surpassed by Magadheera in 2009.

8) Year: 2007 – Highest-grossing film: Yamadonga

– Ran 50-days in 205 centers. It completed a 100-day run in 92 centres.

9) Year: 2008 – Highest-grossing film: Jalsa

– First telugu film to release across 1000 screens worldwide

10) Year: 2009 – Highest-grossing film: Magadheera

– Collected a distributor’s share of ₹73 crore.

– Its 1000-day theatrical run surpassed Chandramukhi (2005) as the longest running South Indian film.

11) Year: 2010 – Highest-grossing film:Simha

– Film ran for 50 days in 338 centers and 100 days in 92 centres.

12) Year: 2011 – Highest-grossing film: Dookudu

– At that time, Dookudu had the largest opening for a Telugu film, and collected a share of ₹101.1 million and a gross of ₹125.8 million on the first day of its release.

13) Year: 2012 – Highest-grossing film: Gabbar Singh

– Grossed ₹120 crore worldwide, becoming one of the highest grossing Telugu films of all time.

14) Year: 2013 – Highest-grossing film:Attarintiki Daredi

– Film became the highest grossing Telugu film of all time surpassing Magadheera.

15) Year: 2014 – Highest-grossing film: Race Gurram

– With a distributor’s share of ₹57 crore, the film emerged as highest grossing Telugu film of that year.

16) Year: 2015 – Highest-grossing film: Baahubali: The Beginning

– With a worldwide box office gross of ₹600 crore, it became the highest-grossing film in India.

17) Year: 2016 – Highest-grossing film: Janatha Garage

– The film registered the highest opening for a Telugu film in 2016 and is the second highest Telugu opening of all time, behind Baahubali: The Beginning.

18) Year: 2017 – Highest-grossing film: Baahubali 2: The Conclusion

– Grossing ₹1,796.56 crore worldwide, the highest grossing Indian film of all time

19) Year: 2018 – Highest-grossing film: Rangasthalam

– In its complete global theatrical run, Rangasthalam grossed a total of ₹2.10 billion and earned a distributor share of ₹1.25 billion

20) Year: 2019 – Highest-grossing film: Saaho

– Produced on a budget of ₹350 crore, it is one of the most expensive Indian films ever produced
– Saaho made ₹130 crore on its opening day worldwide, the second highest-ever for an Indian film

21)Year: 2020 – Highest-grossing film: Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo

– Ala Vaikunthapurramloo became the first ₹2 billion (US$28 million) grosser for both Allu Arjun and Trivikram Srinivas.

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