The Intense, Suspense Thriller ‘Pilla’


People who watch Telugu web series have had a thrilling experience, following this intense suspense thriller comedy ‘pillA’. This web series has caught a lot of attention thanks to its brilliant storyline and engaging screenplay. ‘pillA’ is an urban comedy thriller written by PavanSadineni, who directed critically acclaimed hits like ‘PremaIshqKadal’ , ‘Savithri’ and shot to fame by short films like ‘Interview’, ‘Love formula 31’, etc.

‘pillA’ features DhanyaBalakrishna in lead role, who is famous for character roles in movies like ‘7Th Sense’, ‘Raja Rani’, ‘Love Failure’ and the lead role in ‘Raju GaariGadhi’ and ‘Savithri’. Dhanya plays a role of a next door girl, who gets into trouble as the lie she tells that she is a pregnant turns out to be true. The series takes us into the journey of how she gets into the trouble, the consequences, and how her boyfriend supports her in handling the case. The episodes have some comical moments and has a thrilling point revealed in each episode. Dhanya has been aptly supported by Anirudh who plays her boyfriend, Madhulatha as her friend and RJ, Dinesh as the doctor and an important role and Abhay as comical relief who plays her stalker.

Speaking about the show, director PavanSadineni said, “pillA is made for the urban digital audience. The subject of the series deals with pre-martial pregnancy. I was excited to helm this subject and moreover happy to be back to digital platform by this series. The story rotates around a girl who wants to escape the marriage by giving a false excuse. But what happens when one such excuse actually turns true, is crux of pillA – where the confusion in solving the case with a tinge of comedy will grab the pulse of the viewers”, says Pavan who is very confident about the subject.

‘pillA’ has 8 episodes released till now and the eighth episode has some important revelation to the story which links to the last two episodes giving a perfect ending to the story. It is co-produced by Tamada Media and presented by Annapurna Studios for entertaining Telugu speaking digital audience. The show can be viewed on or by downloading Viu’s Android app from Google Play and the iOS app from the Apple App Store.