The Most Exciting Hiking Routes In India You Should Explore


By Sneha Lodha

India is a large country with several places where hiking is possible. Hiking routes in India is wide and varied. When it comes to hiking in India, India has lots of places to explore. Hiking is a great way to experience and cherish the outdoors and get connected with nature. There are some oft-visited places within the country that are well-liked and admired by everyone. These hiking regions witness many backpackers each year.

Here is the list of the four most exciting hiking routes in India:

1. The Grand Indrahar Pass, Himachal Pradesh

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Himachal Pradesh is considered as one of the most adventurous destinations in India and the Grand Indrahar Pass is primarily a mountain pass that is also one of the top hiking destinations in India. Hiking through this pass is an incredible experience. It is situated within the Dhauladhar range in the Himalayan section. The hiking expedition permits you to experience the Dhauladhar range and Pir Panjal Mountains. This might be a fascinating experience, if you have never been to a tropical forest. You will also get to see the Mani Mahesh Kailash peak. The hiking path is moderately troublesome. The Galu temple is the trekking start off point, found in Dharamsala. The snow clad Panjal Range can never stop to thrill you. You must also visit camping areas like the Triund and Lahesh Caves on the way which is well-liked tenting points for hikers. You furthermore may trudge on the traditional gaddi. The most effective time to go to this place is between May and October.

2. Tiger Hill in Darjeeling, West Bengal

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You can view the majestic contours of the Himalayas from Tiger Hill with breathtaking views of the glorious sunrise and sunset views which is also an ideal photography spot. Many people visit this spot and climb the hill every day during March and June. Pre-dawn is a good time to witness the sunrise and experience one of the best hikes in India as the mountains are covered with sun’s rays in vivid colors like yellow, purple and pink. Ghoom is a scenic town where you can hike after witnessing the striking sunrise where you can see lovely tea plantations which will amaze you to no end.

3. Doon Valley Trek in Garhwal, Uttarakhand

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Hiking though the Har Ki Doon Valley presents you with varied flora and fauna and is considered as one in all the top hiking destinations in India. It’s a fifty mile trip just for trekkers who wish to trek through flower meadows and thick forests and hike in fair weather conditions through a gradual gradient within the valley and is comparatively easier than Himalayan trails where you have got to navigate from one valley to the other.

Geographically it’s situated within the Garhwal Himalayas, the Har Ki Doon valley is cradle shaped however you can not see its form once on the ground! There are varied snow coated peaks in this place. The alpine vegetation is one in all the prime attractions in these regions. The valley is snow clad and mostly avoided throughout October to March. The hiking trails through this valley meet up with nightlong camping spot like Seema, Gangaad and not to forget Osla. If you’re hiking here during the monsoon season, the Tamsa stream, which you’ll encounter on the way, is swollen and flows at full capacity. More into the path, it bends into gorges and Cedrus deodar forests. You’ll like it better to stop at Torluka as from Torkula, the path gets harder. You’ll have to be compelled to navigate through this rugged piece of land to ultimately reach Osla.

4. Nagalapuram Trek in Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh

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Nagalapuram has gained huge popularity among hikers and chronic trekking enthusiasts. It is also one of the top hiking destinations in India given its proximity and the clean water pools and trekker-friendly environment. Nagalapuram Hills is one of the many well-known trekking trails in this place. It is an enormous place touch over more than 10 thousand acres. Here the paths run along streams. Marathon in mountains, another exhilarating trek, connects Nagalapuram and Tada and is famous for its difficulty level. Nagalapuram is one among the toughest hiking destinations within the country. However, the problems in hiking are remunerated from the sights that are on show here. The mountains of Nagalapuram have outstanding charm with numerous scenic delights that they give the impression of being straight out of an adventurous travel film.

These hiking routes will give a complete adventurous trip to one and all looking forward for hiking destinations in India. So, those enthusiasts who are planning for adventurous holidays must visit these trekking tours in India.

Do comment below, if you are one of those adventurous people who want to share your experience of hiking in India or want to add to this list.