Here’s The Origin & Facts You Need To Know About Hyd’s Delicacy ‘Haleem’

Contributed By: Siddhanth Kommera

Haleem season is here!!  Ramzan season vasthe chalu Haleem mind lo girru mani tirugutune untundi. Ee season almost oka month untundi kabatti, mana city lo unna different places lo variety of Haleems anitini try chesestam. But manalo yenthamandiki Haleem history telusu? Mostly Haleem history aithe telsi undadu, anduke ivala mana favourite Haleem & its history, mee kosam

  1. Idi actually oka Arabic dish, made of meat, wheat flour, and ghee. Idi mana Hyderabad ki Mughals period lo via Iran and Afghanistan nunchi ochindi antaru.2.facts about haleem
  2. Haleem actually mundu Muharram time lo tinevallu. Aah time lo muslims, they harm themselves for their traditions. So aah energy kosam eeh haleem ni tinevaru anta.4.facts about haleem
  3. Haleem cooking process chala peddadi and also takes a lot of time. Appudappudu 7-8 hours padtundi. So deeniki ” Persian of patience ” ane name kuda undi5.facts about haleem
  4. Hyderabad lo una Arab quarters lo African-Arabian tribes untaru. Vallu denni beef tho chestaru. And they call it with the original name Harissa or Harees3.facts about haleem
  5. Haleem lo chala calories untayi and instant energy istundi. Idi digestion ki kuda chala time padtundi. Indulo unde dry fruits and meat valla chala protein rich!7.facts about haleem
  6. Pista House lo first time vegetarian haleem ni introduce chesnaru!8.facts about haleem
  7. Okka ramzan month time lo ne Hyderabad lo one billion rupees worth haleem ni ammutaru anta. Craze alantidi!1.facts about haleem

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