Journey Of Siddhartha Hegde,The Pioneer Of Restaurant Entrepreneurship

Contributed by Jv Yashwanth

It was time when there were only a few restores in India that offered us workspace and time without any disturbance then a man came with a brainstorming concept of Cafe coffee day. Yes, this article is about Siddhartha Hegde the founder of cafe coffee day a highway paradise.

Beginning with a childhood of Siddhartha he was born with a golden spoon whose parents were rich enough for him to lead a luxurious life. No, but he didn’t stop there with this type of thoughts

Cafe Coffee DayHe had great love towards his nation so he made attempts to become a soldier but his efforts went into vain. He went on to pursue his Master’s degree in Mangalore and then decided to join Jm financial limited in Mumbai. His parents were disappointed with his decision as they thought that he would look after their business but he never got influenced.

There he learned a special lesson about stock market brokerage ‘If you earn 100 in stocks then invest 50 of it in real estate and never get emotional and buy stocks by stake of your property’

Cafe Coffee Day
This gave him thought of Starting Brokerage in Bangalore. He got some money from his parents. He started his institute in Banglore with land capital of 5 lakh

After it, he brought shares for himself in Infosys and sold them at a good price. This continued with mind tree where the same concept was taken but this time it was up to 5 times of initial share value. Along with them, he looked after coffee farms of his family. He took Brazil drought as a good opportunity and raised as no. 1 exporter of coffee in the world. He also fought for rights of coffee growers with government

Cafe Coffee DayHe sooner expanded his business into the 3000-acre coffee estate. His ACB company’s coffee was the bestseller in India and abroad. Yet he was not satisfied he felt that there was something more that he could do. While in Singapore he saw A Net beer cafe where youth were having beer and browsing web. The idea of setting up of coffee cafe strikes his mind which he took seriously and started a one in Banglore along with his wife Malavika Krishna.

The very first day their eyes were literally waiting for customers and the rest is history. Today we have almost 2000 outlets of CCD all over India

Cafe Coffee DayCafe Coffee DayYes secret of success of CCD was not only about aroma and blend of coffee it was about novelty and workspace they provided for customers. Literally from friendship to business transactions, everything was carried out in CCD this made them be best and stand strong enough for the competition from brands like Starbucks.

It is sad to know about the death of Such a great personality that too in some uncertain situation

Cafe Coffee Day
Thank you, sir, for all your services and showing the path for young entrepreneurs

You and your coffee will be remembered forever!

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