The Real Story Behind Instagram And Its Founder Kevin Systrom


Every day from morning to dawn, manam use chese app Instagram. E madya chala mandi Facebook kante denne ekuvva use chestunnaru. Denni Kevin Systrom ane athanu 6th October 2010 lo launch chesaru and after one year, deeni huge response chusi Facebook CEO and Founder Mark Zuckerberg denni own chesukunaru. So, ivvalla manam asalu a success story enti and Kevin gurinchi evariki teliyani vishayalu teslusukundam.

1. Kevin was born on 30th December 1983. His mother was marketing executive at Zip car and father was Vice president at TJX company.1 Story Behind Instagram

2. Kevin ki chinapatinundi programming antey interest and tanu college day lo own ga programs create chesevadu and also used to hack his friends’ messenger accounts.2 Story Behind Instagram

3. He studied Management Science and Engineering at Stanford University. During his graduation, he did intern at Odeo, which later turned into Twitter.3 Story Behind Instagram

4. He got graduated from Stanford and took a job at Google as a marketing associate product manager. A time lo eyana Gmail, Google Calendar, Docs, and Spreadsheets lantivi products deal chesaru.4 Story Behind Instagram

5. After three years working with Google, he quits his job in 2009 and joined a startup Nextstop as Product Manager. At that time, he became close to social media and started working on it.5 Story Behind Instagram

6. Then he got the idea of Burbn. E app is more like social check-in service. Oka party lo he met investors from Baseline Ventures and Andreessen Horowitz. Within two weeks, he secured a $500,000 investment and Mike Krieger ni tana team lo cherchukunnadu.6 Story Behind Instagram

7. He launched Burbn, which is a mobile app, where people can check into locations, make plans, earn points for hanging out with friends, post photos, and more.7 Story Behind Instagram

8. And idi iPhone app, but tarvata too many features valla overrun avvadam tho, they cut down everything except for its photo, comment, and like capabilities.8 Story Behind Instagram

9. Appudu the duo decided to turn Burbn into a photo-sharing app, when they heard that Facebook is doing something that similar to check-ins.9 Story Behind Instagram

10. It just took eight weeks with just two developers to build Instagram, as most of the code came from Burbn. And Instagram launch chesina one month lone 1 million users unnaru and one-year lo it managed to hit more than 10 million users.10 Story Behind Instagram

11. One year tarvata, Facebook acquired the rights of Instagram for $1 billion at the time.11 Story Behind Instagram

12. Instagram also launched web-based profiled and now has more than 100 million users.12 Story Behind Instagram