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The Real Success Story Of Whatsapp


Manam podduna lechinapatinundi ratri padukune mundu varaku, Whatsapp use chestune untam. Undoubtedly, it became part of our lives. Even mana mothers ki kuda manam Whatsapp use cheyadam nerpincham and we are in touch with them through Whatsapp. Asalu app ni launch chesindi Jan Koum, along with his friend Brian Acton. Asalu velidaru evaru? E Whatsapp backstory ento ipudu manam telusukundam.

1. Jan Koum is basically from Ukraine and moved to Mountain View (California) when he was 16 years old. Chinapatinundi he faced a lot of financial struggles and food stamps meeda depend ayevaallu. Chala kastapadi chaduvukuni, he started learning computer networking.

2. Ataniki 19 years unappudu, he owne the first computer and he went to San Jose State University to study math and computer science. A time lo he got complete knowledge about computer networking. Ade time lo he got offer from Yahoo as security tester and he dropped out from University to take up that job.

3. Ade time, cancer tho badapadutuna valla mother chanipotaru. He started feeling lonely. Then he met Brian Acton.

4. Brian Acton Central Florida lo perigadu and attended two different universities before graduating from Stanford University in 1994 with a degree in computer sciences.

5. In 1996, he started working with Yahoo as a software engineer. He started more focusing on Advertising and Data Processing.

6. The duo used to spend a lot of time and by 2007 they both quit their jobs and traveled through South-America and played ultimate frisbee.

7. Koum ki the world’s largest messaging app idea 2009 lo vacchindi. Tana friend ki message pampadaniki ilanti app leka he suddenly got this idea. But it didn’t get success, then Acton pushed him and motivated. At that time, Both Koum and Acton were rejected for jobs at Facebook. Acton would also be turned down by Twitter.

8. Alanti time lo Acton contacted all his Yahoo buddies in October 2009 and gathered 250.000 dollars in seed funding. That’s how he become the co-founder of Whatsapp.

9. In 2013, it had 400 million active users and it became 500 in 2014. After that in the same year it reached to 600 million active users. By April 2015, 800 million monthly active users unnaru Whatsapp ki.

10. Whatsapp turned into world’s largest mobile messaging platforms, which helped disrupt the telecom business. It paved the way for instant messaging.

11. In 2014 February, the Facebook has finally acquired Whatsapp for $19 Billion, but Whatsapp remain independent and Jan and Brain manage it.

12. After that Whatsapp has introduced many new features like voice call, video call, web etc.

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