There are certain facts only a foodie can understand


Foodies are people who love to explore good food and also bad food. They like judging food so never call then abnormal. They might eat you too! They are not concerned of the nutritional values at the time of eating. So just back off!

Have a pizza and read this and then relax!

1. How much will you eat?? You have already ordered so many varieties
We order different stuff because everything is not the same. We taste and eat what we like and the rest, you eat! HAHAHA!food-12. Chocolate distracts us each time we plan to have a balanced diet!food-23. The most annoying thing will be eyeing a pizza box a table after you get back home and finding it emptied by your roomie! Kattaapppaaaa… We are always ready to answer if anyone asks us for a best outlet for a type of cuisine!
“You get the best shawarma at street number 10” “Akkada manchuria asalu….tinadam aapavu”food-45. We know what to eat at what kind of mood anyone is! “Are you depressed?? You are supposed to have an icecream! Doctorlu edo cheptuntaru…nen cheppindi vinu”food-56. Does anyone know what can lead to world war??? Hunger and Anger!!food-67. You love taking pictures of whatever you eat because they are so Intlo emi leva tinaniki??? This is the same question even if your fridge is fulllll!food-89. We don’t have to be truly hungry. We just need something in front of us that is sooooo finger licking gooood! It’s gone in a

10. Fasting aa???? Konni conditions untaym mari.. we need fruits, saggubiyyam dishes and upma too!food-1011. Why party when good news come??? Search good news and do party!food-1112. We are not fat! We are healthy! Get it straight!food-12