These 3 Young Entrepreneurs & Their Startup Story Will Definitely Inspire You

Ippudu unna younger generation antha brilliant ideas tho start ups initiate chestunaru. Every year India lo top most business schools like Indian Institute of Business Management, IIT Kharagpur and other colleges nundi some lakhs of students graduates aiyyi bayatki vastuntaru. Ee schools nundi vacche students mostly business management and IT background vallu untaru kabatti villaki unna education background and start up ideas ni support cheyadaniki banks ready ga untayi.

Whereas mana Telugu states lo unna prominent engineering colleges nundi graduate aina students ki ilanti facility undadu. Even though mana engineers and engineering colleges brilliant students and manchi start up ideas unna vatini start cheyadaniki banks ready ga undavu.

Reality lo ilanti hurdles anni untayi ani estimate cheyakundane mana telugu states nundi 3 young engineering graduates oka start up start chesaru. Aa three young Entrepreneurs are Vamsi, Dinesh Desu and Siddharth

Young Entrepreneurs

These 3 young graduates are from different places and different educational background:

Vamsi is a B.Tech ECE graduate from Krishna district, Dinesh Desu is from Cuddapah who is an expert in digital marketing and Siddharth is a Computer Science graduate who had completed schooling from Kerala. Coming from three different regions they managed to share a room in Hyderabad since 2009. Studies pursue chesthu room lo untunna time lo Dinesh started earning from digital marketing and eventually earned good money by working as a freelancer.

Young Entrepreneurs

Idhe time lo Vamsi ki Chennai lo Dell lo job vachindi, and Siddharth ki Deloitte lo place ayyadu. Konni days job chesina taruvatha they decided to start a startup.

With Zero Experience they launched a software & lost huge money in first attempt:

M.Tech chaduvuthunna Vamsi, Marketing side unna Dinesh and Deloitte lo 6 months job taruvatha Siddharth had a project idea. Initially Manjeera mall lo office tisukoni office start chesaru but project ideas anni fail avvadam tho first attempt lone some lakhs loss vachindi. Taruvatha Vamsi tanu B. tech time lo chesina biometric project ni base chesukuni oka project idea chesaru. This project idea is all about ‘proving the identity of a personal digitally. Aa project idea ni support cheyadaniki Canara Bank vachindi without any collateral and security, support cheyadaniki agree chesindi. And the next minute they approached ‘Muthoot Fincorp’ in Kerala with their idea. Being a startup these three faced tough competition with established companies & MNC’s but finally convinced Mr. Thomas John Muthoot, Chairman of ‘Muthoot Fincorp’ with their idea.

Young Entrepreneurs

Syntizen’ layed its foundation after ‘Muthoot’ signed Agreement as their first client:

2014 lo Company start chesina time lo finger scanner purchase chese 3000 rupees amount kuda leni situation lo Muthoot tho project sign chesaru. Cheppali ante aa roju ‘Muthoot’ tho quote chesina amount chala takkuva. Kani, at any cost…project okay cheyinchukuni startup ni start cheyalanna ee mugguri sankalpaniki aa roju foundation padindi.

Today ‘Syntizen’ is a part of India’s biggest Government-backed:

Syntizen is planning to build a Global Identity Solution where anyone can prove their identity across the world with the help of their investors and partners. 2015 lo oka University lo biometric system ni use chesthu fake faculty and attendance scam ki full stop pettaru. Aadhaar central database help tho technology in integrate chesthu they helped this University in finding fake faculty and attendance. Which is a big break through for Syntizen after ‘Muthoot’ deal.

Started with 3 employees now Syntizen is professional home to 100+ employees with good projects and clients including Governments:

Young Entrepreneurs

Vamsi, Dinesh and Siddharth mugguru age tippikodithe 30 years lope. Kani standard startup start chesi endariko employment opportunities create cheyali anna ee youngsters confidence eh ee roju. Syntizen ane organisation ga mari 100+ employees ki job ni icchindi.

Clients: Muthoot tho start aina Syntizen journey ee roju BFSI sector lo major bigwigs tho pani chestundi. Some clients are Muthoot Fincorp, Manappuram Finance, Fincare Bank, Aviva Life Insurance, Shriram Housing, India Shelters, JNTUH, Motilal Oswal. Telangana Government & UP Governments ki Syntizen is the exclusive Aadhaar Solution Provider and vallu almost anni departments ki solutions isthunaru. Looking at their potential and project implementation capabilities, Mastercard International has invested in Syntizen Technologies. It is to be noted that this is one of the first investments made by Mastercard in India.

Conclusion: Idi under 30 years age group lo unna three young entrepreneurs story. Oka startup tho start aiyyi ee roju standard organization ni establish cheyadam kosam padda struggle and pain. End of the story, ippudu unna competition lo success anedi kastame but these three youngsters and their success story is the best example that ‘Success will follow if you have the will power and understand that there is no substitute for Smart Work’.

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